9 Advantages Of Owning A Mini Sex Doll

For some reason, everything seems so much better when it comes in a mini version and we can all agree on this. That is why many companies produce mini versions of their most popular items, be it chocolate, liquor, makeup, etc.

Sex doll manufacturers aren’t that different and they also came up with the bright idea to create mini versions of these modern love goddesses for many people to enjoy.

Mini sex dolls are anywhere between 60-130 cm in height and they weigh anywhere between 5-20 kilos and as it turns out, many people seem to prefer owning a mini sex doll over a bigger one for different reasons.
Therefore, we created an article that explains the nine advantages of owning a mini sex doll over a life-sized doll.

Mini Sex Dolls Are Excellent For Beginners

Mini sex dolls are an excellent way to experiment with something that is the closest to having sex with a real person and isn’t a standard fleshlight.

These mini babes can easily compare to their real-life sized counterparts as they offer the same orifices and the same soft and realistic feel with the only difference being their size and weight.

This makes them a good introductory product to owning sex dolls as a beginner and can help you make the decision whether you want to experiment with a life-sized doll in the future or you’d rather stick to minis. At the end of the day, it’s all about discovering what you like.

Mini Sex Dolls Are Light And Easy To Maneuver

Mini sex dolls are super light and therefore easy to maneuver, so if you’ve never owned a real-sized sex doll, a mini version may be a better option until you gain a little experience.

You may position her the way you like with very little effort and have her any way you want her without breaking a sweat to try and hold her in place while experimenting. Moreover, the light weight allows you to move her around easily by putting a lot less strain on your body.

Additionally, due to their light weight and small size, mini sex dolls are much easier to move around and can make a great travel companion, which is something that you cannot do with a bigger doll.

Mini Sex Dolls Are Easy To Store And Hide

Small and tight spaces don’t need to concern you anymore because your mini sex doll can fit in any corner. Mini sex dolls can be moved around with ease and stored conveniently not to take up too much space.

Additionally, if you don’t live alone and you wouldn’t want anyone to find out that you own a little fucking machine, you can easily hide your mini sex doll wherever you want and nobody needs to notice nor suspect anything.

Mini Sex Dolls Are Easier To Clean And Maintain

This is one part you have to be really responsible about when you own a sex doll and you need to ensure your doll is always cleaned after each and every use to avoid potential bacteria spreading that can put your own health at risk.

However, owning a real-sized sex doll can be a little difficult to clean and maintain and requires a much bigger responsibility.

But after a long day and a blissful release, you surely won’t feel like spending a lot of time being careful to do something like washing your sex doll when all you want is to relax and catch a breather.

Luckily, a mini sex doll won’t take too much time to be cleaned and you can get the job done in 5 minutes max. Mini sex dolls are easy to hold and handle and you can clean her up in no time before you get back to your beer and TV.

They Are Cheaper Too

Probably the main thing that comes into play whenever you’re thinking of purchasing a sex doll is your budget, however, not having a large sum of money to spend on a gorgeous masturbating aid doesn’t need to stop you from experiencing sexual satisfaction, either.

We always like to point out that sex dolls aren’t cheap and that these gorgeous sex goddesses are an investment that will last you for years with good maintenance and care.

However, if you simply can’t afford to invest a lot of money into a real-sized doll, that’s when you can start looking into mini sex dolls as these beautiful little dolls offer the same experience a real-sized doll does and often cost half or significantly less than the big fish.

Which is a bedroom bargain if you’re asking us

Mini Sex Dolls Are Made Of High-Quality Materials

Mini sex dolls are made by using the highest quality TPE and silicone materials which are the same materials used to make their real-sized counterpart.

Silicone and TPE have several differences between them namely silicone sex dolls being a bit heavier than TPE made sex dolls and they also require a short preparation before playing that includes powdering their skin with baby powder as to avoid the slight tacky feeling of silicone.

Furthermore, sex dolls made out of TPE offer a more realistic feeling and this material creates the much-desired jiggliness of the breasts and butt.

However, mini sex dolls still offer the same realistic feel a real-sized doll does with plenty of extra advantages that come with their small size and light weight.

They have soft skin and jiggly attributes that will get you lost while exploring them. They also have a flexible metal skeleton that allows for a variety of pliable positions to enjoy.

Furthermore, the comfort of kissing and hugging is also unforgettable, so they are definitely worth a try.

They Offer The Basic Orifices You Need

Besides having the softest skin, realistic features, and jiggly attributes, mini sex dolls also have the same orifices you need to achieve mind-bending orgasms.

This means that mini sex dolls perfectly replicate a woman’s tight vagina, anus, and a mouth that you can enjoy however you wish and see fit.

Furthermore, mini sex dolls are also customizable, therefore, you can change the features you don’t like before purchasing and substitute them according to your personal tastes.

Mini Sex Dolls Are Fantasy Oriented

Manufacturers that create mini sex dolls often like to take advantage of the slight lack of realism in their product and let creativity run wild.

Rather than making mini sex dolls look completely real, manufacturers often create a fun twist and model fantasy sex dolls which are extremely popular with anime and fantasy lovers.

Therefore, chances are that you will easily find a mini sex doll that resembles an anime character or has the features of fantasy characters such as elf ears, fancy hair colors, huge, sweet eyes, etc.

They Are Cute And Unique

Their miniature yet fully developed bodies and cute faces make mini sex dolls quite a unique toy that many people enjoy.

Their size, reduced to the limits still offers a surprisingly realistic result when you look at the curves of the face and body which are the closest thing to perfection you can get.

The realism can be explained by the careful quality of design and production carried out by using the same techniques, materials, professionalism, and attention to detail as for their real-sized counterparts – our realistic sex dolls.

Mini Sex Dolls And The Law – Are Mini Sex Dolls Legal?

Many potential buyers of mini sex dolls might be scared off by the fact that their small size and somewhat cartoonish faces might give some people the wrong idea.

However, we are here to assure you that our mini sex dolls are completely legal and that we, as manufacturers, measure these dolls in adult dimensions but build them in smaller sizes due to the compact and convenience it creates for some people that simply can’t afford the price nor space full-sized dolls require.

We treat our dolls as adults and small sex dolls most certainly don’t mean that it is a child.

So whether you’re just interested in seeing more of these dolls for yourself, or want to take the plunge and pick one up of your own, you can check out many models in our store.

Final Words

The aim of our blog is to provide our customers with relevant things they need to know about sex dolls before being able to make an informed decision and the right pick for them.

Many people enjoy mini sex dolls for many reasons, mainly due to the significantly smaller price and the little space they take up while doing the same job and offering the same feeling as their full-sized counterparts.

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