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We love our customers and we provide them with high quality and best products from top brands. We offer easy and convenient shipping worldwide. We are one of the world’s top rated life size sex dolls shops, we only provide high quality full size sex doll.

We always send you factory photos of your doll before shipping to ensure there are never any nasty surprises, and if your doll is even the slightest bit different from what you expected at the factory, we’ll make it right! We are committed and dedicated to our customers, and we prioritise customer service over profit every day of the week!

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Welcome to VSexDolls! If you are looking for a high-quality sex doll, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a unique selection of luxury realistic love dolls that are designed to look and feel just like the woman of your dreams.

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Sex doll is a type of sex toy that’s crafted artistically to take after the most attractive women and men on the planet earth. Literally, life like sex doll bodies are anatomically perfect from their toes all the way up to their eyes. The aim of real doll manufacturing companies is to mold both male and female love dolls professionally to touch and resemble a lifelike human. Every sex toy doll is solid and will be crafted and shipped to you while having anatomic accessories, for instance, the anus, penis, vagina, breasts, among others. Thanks to advanced technology, some modern-day sex dolls are fitted with heating sensors that can replicate the skin temperature of actual human bodies. In the future, with the advancement in technology, manufacturers of sex dolls are trying to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in their real sex dolls. People are fed up with the never-moving sexual partner. Now they wanted to see a few more unique features in it. Those robot sex dolls (AI sex dolls) will be more appealing.

Note: Don’t confuse blow up sex dolls (inflatable sex dolls) with our realistic sex dolls for sale, our solid sexy dolls are made out of TPE or Silicone material, so they have the most realistic touch and feel. You can enjoy a perfect pleasure when have sex with sex dolls.

TPE Sex Dolls

TPE is often regarded as a thermoplastic rubber. It is a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber) made of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPE is used in daily products because it can be injected and molded-in products that require the use of rubber. Surely, you can find this material in some of the products in your home. It is more affordable than silicone, and it has properties such as flexibility, molding ability, soft texture. The TPE properties make this material one of the best options to make realistic sex dolls at an affordable price.

Advantages of TPE sex dolls

  • Low-cost

Usually, the cost of silicone sex dolls ranges from $2600 to $5500 based on size, while the cost of TPE is relatively cheaper as you can get one between the price range of $1100-$2200 depending on the scale too.

  • The Touch Feeling is very realistic

With these qualities, soft, elastic, comfortable, and real-life experience of TPE skin, it has easily beat the Silicone material. A TPE sex doll will work naturally like the touch of a real human, uniquely when customized with an internal heating system, and its juicy butt and sexy boobs will wobble when you rock your TPE love doll back and forth.

  • Lifelike point of view

The physical appearance of TPE is nothing short of exact human skin. And as proof, you can check our website or type “Realistic TPE Sex Dolls” on Google or YouTube to find out yourself.

  • Medical-grade Hypoallergenic

One of the most unexpected events that may occur after you buy a sex doll is to realize that you are allergic to her. To save yourself from such frustration, TPE is just the best to go for as it contains no hazardous chemicals that may result in allergic reactions. You are medically free to kiss a TPE sex doll, hug her, and can even sleep together in your bed with no worries of having rashes afterward. However, remember to confirm if you are not allergic to the water-based lubricant or the baby powder.

  • Odor-free

If you detest the plastic scents which are familiar with many sex dolls, then the TPE sex doll toy is made for you. They are entirely free odorless, and also, you can get her some pleasant water-based perfume, which will make you want more of her.

  • Durable

For the sake of durability, the producers of the real love sex doll approves the TPE over rubber or latex made. Because that kind of quality is vital for individuals, who have ordered for lifelike sex dolls. You can imagine how you will feel having to leave your girl after developing intense emotional and physical closeness with her, simply because she doesn’t serve your needs any longer? For this reason, it is essential to secure a real life sex doll that can help you for several years. Nonetheless, keep in mind that Silicone sex dolls also offer the same longevity as TPE.

  • Warm Stability

TPE sex dolls are designed to remain warm steadily and for a very long time; so, you can stick to her for an extended period, and yet, the warmth will stay the same. Alongside this advantage, you can install a heating system that will make her emit a warmth feeling of 35°C- 38°C, like a real woman’s temperature.

  • Adaptability in every free position

A realistic sex doll can be placed with little restriction. You can also unveil further positions with her if you will like to enjoy some fancy styles – nonetheless, ensure to switch her back to her stress-free state upon completing the advanced method with her to keep her skin tight and soft.

Disadvantages of TPE sex doll

  • It stains Easily

TPE gets stained easily as a result of its absorptive nature. With the kind of TPE sex dolls material, stains may quickly spread around and could also be challenging to remove. Thus, it is advisable to be careful when having a romantic dinner with her, especially drinking red wine with her; because a stain on her skin will take an extraordinary washing to remove. It is advisable never to place your TPE sex doll on dark-colored materials and endeavor to cloth your baby with non-color transferrable elements.

  • Need to be maintained constantly

Take good care of her often, particularly in areas such as mouth, anus, and vagina after usage. For the sake of your health and her durability, Or else, she would get stained or develop mold and ultimately will lose her shape, strength, and good look.

  • Its quality can be affected

As a result of the combination of several materials to make TPE, if the mixture was done wrongly, it can reduce the condition later on. So, make sure you buy your TPE sex doll from a well-known brand, either online or local sex doll store, so as not purchase low-quality from bad sexdoll manufacturers.

  • Heat sensitivity

While TPE can maintain heat effectively, which makes her possess an exact lifelike value, make sure to check if the material she’s made from is sensitive to high temperature. And also, make sure you keep your love doll away from the heat source.

Silicone Sex dolls

Silicone is a mixture of silicon polymer together with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It can be used for soft sex toys, due to its durability, cleanability, non-degradation by petroleum-based lubricants. The sex toy and sex doll industry have been using silicone for many years. Sex dolls use silicone rubber and could be very soft or very firm, depending on the formula. Silicone has a scorching resistance property, so, you can surely find Silicone sex dolls with heat.

Benefits of Silicone Sex dolls

  • Very Easy to Clean

Because of their non-porous nature and stable qualities, Silicone sex dolls are stainless, more convenient to clean, and sanitized, unlike the TPE sex dolls. They can be disinfected without any worry about the liquid penetrating the skin, which can cause damage.

  • Ability to resist heat

The high end silicone sex dolls can withstand heat, stains, and water better daily compared to the TPE sex dolls. These features are possible because their skin is completely non-porous. You can even relish a warm bath with a Silicone love doll.

  • Real life point of view

In most cases, Silicone love dolls often have a better real-life appearance in look, and body parts because of the firmness of the silicone material. Nonetheless, this value was achieved at the expense of some kindness and realism concerning her touch feeling. The Silicone sex dolls are designed to be healthier, including enough body sturdiness to support their weight. Unlike TPE sex dolls, the silicone dolls can maintain her shape, and keep her weight better.

  • It requires Low maintenance

Silicone sex dolls can hold their shape better and need less maintenance because of their stain-resistant value and incompressible nature of the skin. However, try always to clean their anus and vagina after use.

  • Less allergic reactions

Hardly does silicone sex doll cause allergic reactions like the TPE sexy dolls. Because of this, silicone materials have been used successfully for breast implantations inhuman.

The drawback on Silicone Sex dolls

  • High Cost

Silicone sex dolls are very costly and way higher than the price of TPE; however, the bigger the size, the higher the value as it ranges between $2,600-$5,500.

  • It’s breakable

The influence of its high level of rigidity can make it tear apart easily. This feature can cause damage when positioned in an awful direction. Also, it would be best if you stayed off from yanking their movable parts. To prevent some specific areas from getting ripped, ensure to carry out proper care within 25 to 40 days based on their status.

  • Too hard

They are more rigid and harder when touched or held since silicone does not have the elasticity of TPE. When you rock your Silicone sexy doll back and forth, its booty and tits will not wobble as desired. For some men who prefer soft breasts, such a level of rigidity doesn’t make them feel good.

  • Not too flexible

Comparison of the silicone sex dolls to TPE sexy dolls, their flexibility is low; and hence, it can be challenging to move few parts of their body as you wish, particularly their arms and thighs, which are mostly a bit stiff.

A simple summary:

Your Budget:

You’d better choose a TPE sex doll if your budget is low. If your budget is higher than $2000, you can consider buying a Silicone sex doll.

Your preference:

  • If you prefer to have hot baths with your wife doll, then you’d better choose a realistic Silicone sex doll. TPE sex dolls should never be exposed to temperatures higher than 40ºC.
  • If you care about the more lifelike face, you can select the Silicone love doll.
  • If you enjoy the more realistic skin, you can buy a TPE love doll whose skin is very soft and elastic.
  • If you want your sexy adult doll to try various sex positions, then you should purchase the TPE love doll.
  • If you’re too busy to care for the human sex doll porn toy, you can choose a Silicone love doll since it requires less maintenance than a TPE porn doll.

Have you ever questioned yourself on how these real looking sex dolls are made? We’ll take you through a step-to-step guide below:

  1. Different chemicals and powder are stirred together before being poured carefully into a framework shape of a sexy doll. The makers are then responsible for the assemblage and fixing of the different accessories, for instance, the hands, face, legs, and torso.
  2. A sexdoll skeleton is then artistically crafted by hand. Usually, it’s built from steel joints and PVC pipe. In some instances, however, a very light metal may be utilized. Also, every bit of the skeleton is crafted to be moveable and flexible to allow the user to change their sex doll’s positions freely.
  3. After the liquid mixture has cooled, it’s removed from the framework. Now, the real sex doll manufacturers start the following processes of crafting the doll by hand.
  4. Immediately it’s completely removed from the mold, it must be cleaned. Some sex doll manufacturers even do prefer a high-gloss and smooth finish.
  5. What follows is a thorough inspection to remove all rough-edges. Then, the real love doll is washed again.
  6. Finally, the love doll’s genitals are added and the anal and vaginal holes are perfectly cleaned and thoroughly checked to ensure an ultimate and satisfactory experience.

How to use a sex doll? How do sex dolls work?  How to fuck a sex doll? Is fucking a sex doll a great experience?

Choosing the Perfect Lubricant for Your Sex Dolls

You’re highly advised to use water-based lube on your real love sex dolls. As a precautionary measure, avoid any oil-based, petroleum-based, and silicone lubricants – they will only cause damage to your attractive love doll. As a recommendation for picking the most perfect water-based lubricant for your sex dolls, purchase a small quantity first and test it out. You can then keep on experimenting with various samples until you land on the most adored brand.

Touching and Kissing Your Realistic Sex Dolls

With a soft and realistic face, the experience of kissing your lifelike sex doll is almost close to real. Typically, a real love doll contains teeth, a tongue, and deep throat capabilities. Therefore, a sex doll’s mouth can open to give you access to put your tongue in it and also feel its tongue. Modern silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls are crafted to offer you a hyper-realistic experience. They are molded to achieve soft skin, round and easy to squeeze breasts, tender nipples, and a beautiful round ass.

Having Vaginal Sex with Your Real Sexdoll

Having vaginal penetration is one of the most popular means people have sex with their love dolls. Therefore, more attention is put into a real doll’s vagina. It’s crafted with a tender material like the woman’s skin achieving a highly anatomical resemblance to the feel and appearance of an actual vagina. If you’re blindfolded, it would almost be impossible to differentiate between a real woman’s and a living sex doll’s vagina. At fansdolls.com, we give you the option of picking either a lovely doll with a removable or a rooted vagina. From the outward appearance, both vaginas look alike. Nevertheless, determining the type of vagina to take for your lifelike love doll depends entirely on your partiality for either realistic sex or ease of hygiene. Real life sex dolls with a fixed pussy have a barrel crafted during the manufacturing period. It offers a more realistic feel during penetration besides a more lifelike body. A replaceable vagina, on the other hand, would be suggested since it can be cleaned easily. Remember, it’s crucial to maintain a real sex doll’s pussy clean to avert any potential risks of sexually transmitted infections besides a durable usage.

Having Anal with Your Sexy Doll

Most humans crave anal sex. To them, anal penetration isn’t weird, it’s full of pleasure, and also healthy. Unfortunately, finding a sexual partner who’s willing or enjoys being the receiver of anal sex is a huge challenge. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to be sad in case you crave an anal affair; both our male and female real sex dolls are crafted with anal capabilities. An anus is similar to the vagina and if anatomically correct, it can simulate the actual feeling you would experience during anal sex with a fellow human. Actually, an anus is tighter causing a feeling that’s entirely better than the vaginal opening.

Having Oral Sex with Your Real Dolls

Disregarding your type of love doll or what you’re into, oral sex is always a choice you can acquire pleasure from. Some sex dolls are crafted with deep throat potential spiced up with a lubricant and heat to feel like an actual human’s mouth. The sad truth, however, is that regardless of how realistic a sex doll might be, it cannot simulate the suction you would enjoy from an actual human. Also, you shouldn’t worry about your love doll’s retch reflex, whether her neck is stiff or its reaction after the oral.

How much is a sex doll? How much does a sex doll cost? The real question should be; how much money are you willing to invest in your porn sex dolls? This is because the industry offers various choices with varying prices for different budgets. The choices include the following:

  • 100 – 600 USD: This would afford you a mini sex doll or a sex doll torso. Usually, a small love doll is about 60-65cm tall and it’s easy to store and use. However, its miniature nature wouldn’t allow you to feel you’re with an actual person. Nonetheless, these cheap sex dolls still are a perfect choice for masturbation since they still allow you to enjoy thrilling vaginal sex!
  • 800 – 900 USD: This price range will get you a TPE sex doll with an average height of 100-125cm. TPE love dolls are more realistic than the little sex dolls and are crafted with anal, vaginal, and oral capabilities.
  • 1,000 – 2,000 USD: I’m sure you’d want to feel like making love to or being with a real person. Then you can opt for an affordable sex doll with bigger boobs and ass with a higher height. Again, these lifelike sex dolls will, of course, be more costly.
  • 2,000+ USD: This price range caters to silicone sex dolls which are normally more expensive than TPE porn dolls. This is because the silicone sex dolls have a more lifelike appearance. In normal circumstances, you should be ready to part with at least $2,000 to purchase a full silicone sex doll. At vsexdolls.com, we also give you high end sex dolls with a Silicone head and TPE body to allow you to have a more lifelike doll at a less expensive price

We live in an unprejudiced society today. There’s absolutely no shame or weirdness attached to owning your sexuality/sexual preference to take charge of your own fucking orgasm! Aren’t you the champion of your own life? Real sex dolls have been in existence for many years and over the period, they’ve been widely adopted globally. Are sex dolls worth it? Who’s eligible to purchase a love doll? The answer is, every adult! Therefore:

  • In case you’re an enthusiast of masturbation and you’d want to take your experience to a higher notch, then you can decide to buy yourself a porn sex doll.
  • If you’re having difficulties connecting with other people socially, then an adult sex doll will assist you to explore your sexual relationship as it will never judge or be angry with you.
  • In case you’re not in any intimate relationship and you want to still enjoy the thrill of sexual satisfaction, then you can consider buying yourself a real love sex doll.
  • If you want to train yourself on how to remain hard post-ejaculation or how to delay/have multiple orgasms, then, a real love doll will be a good pick.
  • In case you feel lonely and don’t have anyone around you, then, considering a real sexy doll for a companion will be a wise choice.
  • As a fashion designer, a human sex doll would be a perfect pick to test out your outfits to determine how your customers would look once they wear them.
  • Photographers can also consider purchasing a lifelike sex doll for taking beautiful girl shots to advertise their business.
  • Couples could also try real sex dolls as a means to venture into their wild sexual desires without any emotional heartbreaks.

There are two simple ways to store your sex dolls:

  • Lying

To lay your sex doll, only one point is involved. you can’t lie your sex dolls on the floor. it is advisable to place a pad or mat under your sex doll regularly whichever way you lay it, be it on the ground, bed or within the storage box. Doing this may prevent the contour or loop on the back or buttocks to get flattened or disfigured which could occur because of the long-term compression by weight. Remember to place your sex dolls on a mat or pad, especially for TPE sex dolls; it’s impossible to rebound if the body gets curved.

  • Hanging

This is the simplest method to store sex dolls. once you hang your sex doll, no side will get distorted or disfigured by the sex doll’s weight. You can use this technique of storage if you’ve got a closet or shelf in your home. However, there are different ways to how you can hang your sex doll as there are various models of sex dolls. You can reach out to us for advice once you have the hanging requirements. Regardless of how you would like to store your sex doll, either handing or lying, confirm it’s dust-proof. more so, cover your hot sex dolls with an easier to clean at all times.

How many times should I clean my sex dolls a day?

  • Make sure you clean your sex dolls before it’s first usage to get rid of factory residue.
  • Sex dolls must be cleaned on a monthly basis if they are not stored away from dust.
  • We suggest cleaning sexy dolls after each sexual use in the important areas.

What you shouldn’t do while cleaning your sexdoll?

  • Avert the below steps when cleaning your sex doll, this is quite essential so as to increase the lifetime of the sex doll:
  • Avert the usage of any sharp objects while cleaning sex dolls as this may lead to rupturing the sex doll skin
  • Refrain from getting the head or neck drenched in water for any period of time
  • Apply less pressure to the sex doll’s skin while cleaning or drying the doll as again this could lead to a tear
  • Don’t use a hair or blow dryer to dry your sex dolls

How can I clean my sex doll’s body?

  • Beginning by discarding any exuberance lubricant or body fluid with a soft towel.
  • Eliminate the vaginal insert if applicable.
  • Off the wig and clean this independently.
  • The insert are often washed during a anti-bacterial warm soapy water in a sink and allowed to air dry thoroughly.
  • For the complete sex dolls – lay your sex doll on towels on a bed and use a sprig bottle mixture of (preferably sulfate free) soap and clean warm water, gently massage the sex doll’s skin together with your hands, or wipe down with a clean sponge.
  • It is safest to lie your sex doll on top of towels and spray then wipe but if you’re confident handling your sexy doll’s weight and luxuriate in water-play, see below.
  • You can shower or bathe a sex doll if you’re taking care of the “skeleton” eg try to not let the neck or head become too wet. this is often to stop damage to the “skeleton” and potential mould. you’ll cover the metal areas with a bag if you discover this easier or ensure feet (with metal bolts) are overlooked of the bathtub for instance .
  • Wet sex dolls are greasy – may be a plastic stool in shower is more safe than standing.
  • Don’t utilize caustic soaps or any other common cleaning products.
  • Desist from using hard sponges or wire brushes because they can damage your sex dolls
  • It’s very easy to lie your sex doll on towels in bed so as to allow it to dry.
  • Tip: try widening the legs and use a small fan to blow air to hasten drying.
  • Don’t put your sex doll close to an open fire or a radiator to dry.

Ways to clean the sex doll vagina, anus, and mouth

Usage of a condom can assist you to avoid tons of constraints although you ought to not forget to rinse her with a touch water to get rid of the lube. For those that don’t like condoms and to make sure maximum pleasure, you’ll need to pay more attention to the sex doll’s genitalia cleaning. Cleaning the sex dolls vagina, anus and mouth are often done some ways. You’ll do that either within the bath, shower or when your sex doll is lying down and not submerged in water. The technique we recommend is to move the sex doll out of the bathtub or shower and lie her on the side which can expose both the vagina and anus. Then follow the steps listed below:

  • Take one among the tiny swab sponges with the medical pincers and coat the sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap, ensuring it’s thoroughly coated.
  • Push the sponge into the vagina or anus and using the pincers move it round the orifice until it’s thoroughly cleaned.
  • Remove the sponge, clean using warm water and repeat step 1 & 2 again. At this stage the vagina and anus should be cleaned enough and freed from any bacteria. Using the pincers again, take a second dry swab sponge and insert within the vagina and anus to take out most of the moisture, then remove.
  • On a final note, wrap the strong paper towel around the end of the pincers and put inside the sex doll again, giving it a final dry.

Once a sex doll has dried use the talcum powder on the exterior of the vagina and anus, your love doll should now be clean inside and out and ready to use again. You can follow the steps above for the porn doll’s mouth also, which should be easier to clean.

How can I clean my human sex doll’s wig?

  • The wig must be removed often from the sex doll’s head before cleaning.
  • It’s best to comb the wig before starting your cleaning.
  • It’s more easy to clean in a small hand basin or even a bath is excellent if your love doll has long hair.
  • Add enough COLD water in the basin and add a coin-sized squirt of soap to form mini “bubble bath” for the wig. However, sulfate free shampoo is the best.
  • It’s a must you use cold water or you risk losing the style e.g curls. Deluge the wig and churn it carefully then leave for approximately 5mins to soak.
  • Deplete the sink and wash gently from the top till water runs clear – no bubbles.
  • Don’t let the wig dry on the sex doll’s head.
  • Don’t utilize hair products to beautify the sex doll hair

How to Dry Sex Doll After Cleaning?

Keeping your sex doll fully dried is very essential since it will avoid a tear and friction of your sex doll’s skin. After washing the holes of your sex doll, you can build sponges, dry wash the cloth or towel on sticks, pull it in and out and repeat a couple of more times. But anyway the within remains damp after the sponge treatment, so you’d better use an aquarium vacuum pump for further drying. (Of course, everything are going to be easier if you select a removable vagina. it’s super easy to wash and take out/put in. Turn the within out and wash it off with soap and water then leave it to dry for a short time , still inside out. Then turn within the right side in and coat the surface of the insert with some fresh cornstarch and re-insert in your sex doll.) After cleaning the surface of your porn sex doll, you’ll manually dry the body with microfiber cloth or commercial recycled paper towels, then allow your sex doll to take a seat for an hour and full dry naturally. Finally, you’ll apply the talcum to the sexy doll’s body to offer it a pleasant fragrance and stop the skin from becoming tacky.

  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Discreet Packaging
  • No Customs Duties and Taxes – We take care of all clearance charges including them on the sex doll package you order

Shipping Time Frame

Your sexy adult dolls will be delivered to your doorstep within 5-12 business days:

  • Sex doll manufacturing will take 1~3 business days
  • Sex doll shipping will take 5-12 days (depending on your location)

A tracking number are going to be provided once your love dolls is ready for shipping. You’ll be ready to track your sex dolls at every step during the transit.

Special Arrangements for Discreet Shipping

By default, the adult sex doll would be shipped to the address you provided when placing the order. However, you’ll also require the mail instruction: Deliver at a specific time, or prefer to nearby company facility to select it up. Please leave us a note within the “order note” field or send us an email at [email protected] for the mail request. Just so you know, your obscurity is at esteemed priority! We keep things as careful as they have to be. Your sex doll package are going to be in good condition in a neutral box. There’s no information on the sex doll ‘s package which may reveal the content of the item within the box. You’re the sole one with knowledge of the content inside the box.

Shipping Firms

Depend on the destination address, your sex dolls are getting to be shipped via FedEx, DHL or UPS.

Shipping Procedure

Your sexy doll will be manufactured expertly and with care. The following procedure will take place after you place the order:

  1. An order confirmation are getting to be emailed to you after we receive the payment
  2. We start manufacturing your sex dolls
  3. Once the sex doll is ready to ship, we’ll send you a notification in conjunction with the tracking number
  4. You check the shipping status with the tracking number
  5. Premium sex dolls are getting to be delivered to your home or any location that’s suitable for you.

Note: If you are from countries where the use of adult sex dolls is illegal, we are sorry to tell you that we will not be able to do any shipping. It is good to contact us before you place the order in case you are not well familiar with the laws of certain countries concerning this type of business.

One good thing you will enjoy with us is the guaranteed money back. This happen when you did not receive the sex doll package you ordered when you notice that your sex doll is damaged on arrival or any fault that maybe with the sexy doll. We fully take responsibility for any faulty with the sex doll package you receive. We ensure you enjoy both after and before sales services. Our business with you does not end at complete orders. We follow up to ensure you are contented with the sex doll delivered. We appreciate our customer service base for the good work they put to ensure we only get positive reviews on our sex dolls.

vsexdolls provides sex dolls under thorough quality checks and inspection. You will only expect the best out of this. Please try chatting with our customer care before making a sex doll purchase and enjoy a prompt reply ready to help you.

Here is the procedure of getting our realistic sex dolls delivered to you by vsexdolls

  1. Visit our premium sex doll collection and choose your best porn doll.
  2. Customize your sex doll. Explore the various sex doll customization options. Contact us in case of any questions.
  3. Proceed with your checkout. If you are experiencing issues, contact us online to solve the problem.
  4. Confirm your order. Upon this, you will automatically be notified of the purchase. After this, we will contact you with 24 hours to confirm the details of the package you want and attend to any question that you may have.
  5. Fabrication. Now we bring the real love doll to life following what you have ordered. Our sex doll artists in the workshop start the work immediately.
  6. Workshop photos. Once the sex doll is ready, we will send you a couple of factory photos to ensure that we are working according to your directions. Your fantasy sex doll might need some tweaks, for instance, a different hairstyle, eye color, etc. we will provide you with an aftercare manual guide to how you with important information such as cleaning tips among others. This will help you if you are a beginner in this sector.
  7. Shipping and delivery. After you receive the factory photos and confirmed that the sex doll is perfect, your real doll sex doll will be on her way to your home. If you are from the USA, Europe, and the UK, we will cater to the customs clearance and shipping costs.
  8. Tracking number. You will get a tracking number that you will use to know the day your sex doll will arrive and ready for collection.
  9. Delivery. Finally, the sex doll is in your home. We know you can disappear for some days in the world of romance but keep in touch.

Basing on your location, the whole process from ordering to delivery of the sex doll will take less than three weeks.

If you have responded yes to this question, then we are here to make your work even easier. We are verified and trusted sellers of sex dolls willing to do business with you. You can confirm our authorization from the official website of manufacturers dealing with sex dolls. You will enjoy our huge variety of authentic and high-quality love dolls.

Here are some of the things you will enjoy by choosing us

  • Top-notch customer services
  • Before and after-sales service
  • Cashback on all sex dolls you purchase
  • Once you request, you will enjoy the price match
  • Free shipping
  • Custom/tax clearance services.

You can visit online sex doll reviews and see the reason behind our five-star ratings by even third party sources. We boost to no negative reviews on either our services or goods we provide up to date. You will enjoy low overheads given that we are a small working team meaning you can as well be part of the savings. We work closely with our customers to fulfill their needs and valuing the feedback they give. We aid our customers on what they are researching while we update our sites regularly with new and latest sex dolls. You will also get access to the latest trends and news in the sex doll industry.

We major in making sure that you get quality sex dolls. We are very proud of this and our team that ensures we always aim higher. We guarantee our customers quality day in day out. From far we have come from, it is no way we can disappoint you whenever you decide to do business with us. We only deal with silicone and authentic TPE sex dolls that is legit from the certified sex doll manufacturers. You will never regret doing business with us.

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vsexdolls offers you a huge selection of lifelike and authentic dolls in all price ranges. Here you will find everything that puts you and your desire first – from the cheap sex doll to the luxurious silicone sexdoll that feels just like real skin. Choose from the largest range of sex dolls in Europe just the model that appeals to you. Do you have questions or would you like a consultation? We help you to buy your sexdoll and introduce you to the individual models from our range.

Your individual sex doll with excellent quality

In order for a sexdoll to give you a lifelike experience, it is extremely important that the quality standards during the production of the sex doll are met.

Therefore, we only offer dolls that meet our strict controls and requirements. This ensures the quality of our models. Because during sex you should accept no compromises.

Every manufacturer who supplies us scores with an excellent product without exception. That way you will find sex dolls from the house of the world-famous WM doll manufactory. Other manufacturers are JY doll and the newcomer Yuhe. Each manufactory uses high quality materials in the production of the dolls. Especially silicone gives the models a natural feeling.

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sex doll from vsexdolls has many advantages. Rarely in life you can pursue your preferences as freely and uninhibitedly as with a custom sexdoll. The most typical scenarios where you benefit from buying one of our sex dolls are the following:

  • You have a wild fantasy and you do not dare to live it up with your partner? No problem
  • a sex doll is a useful option to try something new. With her you can test your pleasurable performance. A red zone does not exist as your sex doll is made to satisfy you.
  • Even if your girlfriend does not share certain preferences, you do not have to give up on your climax. A doll may be the ideal solution for both of you: you can live your desire uninhibited and come in terms of sex at your expenses.
  • If you are a little bit shy or have not been able to gain as much sex experience as you wish, that’s no reason to worry: a sex doll is a great way to get to know your own lust. You cannot go wrong here. You and your climax are in the centre. Preferences and tastes are different: try with your doll different sex variants and discover your and her body.


Silicone or TPE sex dolls bring the wildest ideas into reality. Exactly for this reason applies to us: nothing is impossible! Attractive sex dolls from size zero over sporty with crunchy butt to curvy with lush curves – we have something for every taste. And best of all: our dolls are customizable: whether breasts, butts or hair colour – design your sex doll according to your ideas. You will receive the sexdoll of your dreams, with which you can experience unexpected adventures.

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Take your time, browse through our various models and convince yourself of the unique product features of a WM doll or the multi-faceted selection of JY dolls. Individually and made to measure, your TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll will be delivered anywhere in Germany or even Europe free of charge and completely discreet.

Our first-class customer service is there for you around the clock for all your questions about your doll. We from the support are always there for you.

You can meet us in the live chat, send us an email or call without obligation. We look forward to you! Don’t worry – our interactive love doll finder will pinpoint the best adult dolls for you based on what features you are attracted to.

Information about your sex doll

You are welcome to inform yourself on our homepage about important and interesting topics that are relevant for your sex doll. We’ve prepared all the information for you, so you can quickly find the answer to your question about your sex doll. Our FAQ will give you information about your sexdoll.

Everything your sexdoll needs – here you get it

In addition, we offer you a large assortment of important accessories for your sexdoll.

Rinses, detergent and lubricants are essential for your sex doll to live long and carefree.

With us you get all necessary utensils. Erotic outfits that showcase your lifelike sex doll – we have a large assortment of them. They are perfect for your sexdoll and score for the following benefits:

  • Our outfits for your sexdoll are easy to put on and do not stain.
  • You won’t be troubled with long and unnecessary searches in stores. Finding the right clothes for your sex doll that skilfully wraps her curves is not easy. We help you with our products.

Our top brands for premium sex dolls

Whether WM doll, JY doll, JX doll or Climax – we offer the most attractive dolls for a sex adventure of the most famous manufacturers.

Our large and growing assortment of sexdolls leaves you free space to choose your sex doll.

We work together with the best manufactures on the basis of a close and trusted cooperation. The advantages thanks to our cooperation are unbeatable:

  • Long production and waiting times on your silicone sexdoll or TPE real doll can be excluded.
  • We can respond to a wide variety of individual wishes, which may be a taboo topic with other suppliers or simply cannot be implemented. – With us you can be sure that we always have the latest selection of TPE sexdolls or silicone sex dolls in our assortment, as new models are reviewed, evaluated and offered on a daily base.
  • The lifelike models that make it into our legendary sex doll assortment bring, along with flawless quality, impressive life authenticity, functionality and attractive body.


WM dolls – premium manufactory

We at vsexdolls have a long-term partnership with the WM dolls manufactory, whose TPE sex dolls impress with a very special quality. An endless variety of different proportions and sizes – dolls that are made with attention to detail awaiting you here.

Artists are creating in elaborate handwork from the dolls to lifelike sex dolls. From our Infos & Service section you will also be able to see love dolls manuals, care guides and moreEvery single sexdoll is unique.

Not only our product testers swear by the quality of the WM dolls, our customers are also in favour of their purchase of lifelike sex dolls and we do it too! Convince yourself and enrich your everyday life with one of our sex dolls.

What comes to your mind?

When You Hear About Sex Dolls?

What comes to your mind when you hear the term sex dolls? Wait, that was rhetorical. Don’t answer that. I may not know about you, but I know what comes to my mind when I hear the term sex dolls. I’m certain it’s the freedom and utter satisfaction that comes with using them, not to mention the freedom.

I’m sure that half of you that have heard of a sex doll don’t know what they even look like, and well, I will go ahead and assume that the other half know what sex dolls look like but wouldn’t know where, how or what type to purchase if they were interested in investing in a sex doll.

The major problem, however, whether you know what they are about or not, comes with getting the platform to get the best sex dolls available. But fear not. You are at the right place.


First of all, let us talk about what a sex doll is. A sex doll is a sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner. The sex doll mainly consists of an entire body, which includes the face (or in other circumstances does not), mouth, anus, vagina, or the penis, depending on the gender/sex of the sex doll.

First of all, let us talk about what a sex doll is. A sex doll is a sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner. The sex doll mainly consists of an entire body, which includes the face (or in other circumstances does not), mouth, anus, vagina, or the penis, depending on the gender/sex of the sex doll.

The best part and the most amazing fact about the sex doll, which can also be referred to as a love doll or a blow-up doll, is that the body parts are sometimes vibrating and may be removable or interchanged on how one sees fit. This makes it possible for one to indulge the sex doll in whatever sex position he or she has in mind.
As much as sex dolls exist in many forms, there is at least one thing that we can all agree on: it is an object designed to offer sexual stimulation and give sexual pleasure to someone. I know what you are thinking. I’m thinking it too, unfortunately.

Why go to all the trouble of looking for a sex partner and get emotionally attached or even worse heartbroken when you could easily buy yourself a sex doll, or a used sex doll for sale, giving you sexual pleasure without any emotional attachments. On that note, cheap sex dolls for sale come in different designs, sizes, and better yet, even different sexes/gender that is both male and female.

This means that there is something for everyone out there, whatever they might be looking for, and this is basically what we are all about. I’m sure by now you all have an idea of what realistic sex dolls for sale look like. If you have seen a sex dummy at random cloth stores or even at malls or shops or even supermarkets, which I’m sure most of you have, you do have a rough idea of what a sex dummy for sale, just that the sex doll has more body parts and is more flexible and softer than the dummy.

On our website, you will find sex dolls such as the young sex dolls, robot sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, female sex dolls, male sex dolls, and many more, among others. You are also likely to find that there are those people that prefer blonde sex dolls to redhead sex dolls, big butt sex dolls to big tits sex dolls, silicone sex dolls to TPE sex dolls, small sex dolls to lifelike size sex dolls, female sex dolls to male sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls to Asian sex dolls, young sex dolls to teen sex dolls, ebony sex dolls to celebrity sex dolls, realistic sex dolls to sex dummies.

As I said earlier, we do have everything for everyone and anyone out there. We are a website whose aim is to sell its products to clientele, but we are also a website that cares about what our clients think, how our products are of service to the clients, and if our products satisfy those that choose to shop with us. We do aim to please. And other than doing so by providing sex dolls we also make sure you get variety when doing so.

As much as there are so many types of sex dolls out there, we try to narrow down here to the popular ones and the most loved by people out there so that at least you might know what to look for when you want to shop with us.

Let us take an example of Silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, which are initially the two main types of sex dolls. When you look at these two types of sex dolls, you might think that maybe the difference is on the design or even just the name, but you know where the difference does come in? From the material in which the TPE sex dolls and the Silicone sex dolls are made off.

TPE, which in full stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, is a mixture of rubber and plastic, whereas silicone is primarily made of silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. That is the main difference between the TPE sex dolls and the silicone sex dolls, but several things distinguish the two.

When you compare the two, you realize that TPE sex dolls have a lot of advantages compared to the Silicone sex dolls, and that is why you will most likely find that many people will prefer the TPE sex dolls to the Silicone sex dolls.

You will also find that one of the advantages of the TPE sex dolls is that it can be stretched repeatedly but will return to its original form almost right away. Being that TPE is also a soft material, therefore making it the material very flexible, it enables the sex dolls to hold multiple and different positions, which many people tend to love it for. The TPE sex dolls are also considered to be cheaper than silicone sex dolls meaning you will buy real sex dolls or have the option to rent sex dolls. The TPE sex dolls do not also cause allergic reactions, which is an important key factor when you consider your health. As much as TPE sex dolls have many advantages, you will also find that there are a few disadvantages to it. TPE sex dolls can be very hard to clean when they get stains and may result in moulding when not properly cleaned. The TPE sex dolls are also barely resistant to heat, which makes it very disadvantageous to those who may prefer to shower with their lifelike sex dolls.

On the other hand, the Silicone sex dolls are easier to clean when they get stained and are even more resistant to heat, stain, and water. People who may love to shower with their sex dolls may prefer silicone sex dolls over the TPE sex dolls. You will also find that silicone sex dolls have a more realistic vaginal and anal cavity, which is very beneficial to many people out there. As much as silicone sex dolls also have their advantages over TPE dolls, they also have many disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of the Silicone sex dolls include them being very hard compared to TPE sex dolls with a softer material and the price range.

The Silicone sex dolls tend to be very expensive as compared to the TPE sex dolls. There are also more types of Sex dolls, which include the silicone sex dolls that we have already mentioned, the life-size sex doll which resembles a human, sex dolls for men, sex dolls for women, small sex dolls, TPE sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, sex machines, male sex toys, penis extender, prostate milking dolls, male sex doll, love dolls, female sex dolls, teen sex dolls, young sex dolls, robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence, full-size sex dolls, adult sex dolls, Asian sex dolls, air sex dolls, dildos, adult dolls sex, ebony sex dolls, sex dolls for adults, celebrity sex dolls.

It’s a party here if you ask me. There are so many sex toys to choose from, seeing as there are so many options here on our website. Many people don’t know the type or choice of sex toy they want, but that should not worry you. Our staff is very well equipped and highly trained and is always ready to help anyone that visits our website. Many people tend to think that shopping for sex toys online is shameful, but honestly, there is no shame in wanting to find something that offers you sexual pleasure. I think we can all agree that sexual pleasure can help relieve one from stress and even make your days in such that you will not be moody or lonely. Sexual pleasure also helps us to be calm and relieves us from some sorts of pain. Besides, we value our customers’ privacy and ensure that your privacy is protected at all costs. Our delivery boxes remain plain and with no labels or names of the contents that are inside the boxes.
More times than once, we also find that not everyone can afford the cost of buying a sex doll, so we came up with a solution. Our website allows for our esteemed clients to rent a sex doll for a certain period. For those who might not want to rent or want to own a sex toy but cannot afford the expensive ones, there’s no need to worry as we also have the cheap sex dolls in our stock. We understand clearly that not all our customers are the same and, therefore, dwell on the expensive stuff and the cheap sex dolls to ensure we have something that is at least on the price range for everyone.

You might also want to check out the sex dolls for sale, the real sex dolls for sale, realistic sex dolls for sale, sex dummy for sale, cheap lifelike sex dolls, robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale, used sex dolls for sale, cheap sex dolls for sale, silicone sex dolls for sale, male sex dolls for sale, mini sex dolls for sale, life-size sex dolls for sale and the lifelike sex dolls for sale. Sex dolls have become more common in the USA than anywhere else in the world, and this is very nice since it shows that the people have embraced their sexuality and understand that you don’t need a man or a woman to have sexual pleasure.

Many tend to think that only men use sex dolls, but that is not true. Over time, women have become confident in person and confident with their bodies and sexual pleasures that they have also turned to the gift that is sex dolls .And that is exactly why we have no limitations as to the scope of the fun base we serve. We talked to a few of our clients who had a lot to say about our website and what they think of us. Here are a few of them.

I couldn’t have been gladder to have stumbled upon this website. Between work and working on getting my masters, there wasn’t a lot of time for me to go out, socialize and meet people or even form a connection that I would at least be guaranteed sex by the of it. So one night, I was busy scrolling on my phone, and there was the site. Their products are honestly life-changing and couldn’t have come at the right time

Jean Jay
They are surely the best sex dolls in town.

We also do free worldwide shipping, and you know what that means, right? You can purchase your sex doll from anywhere in the world and have it delivered right to you in whatever country you may be. You might probably be thinking of all the taxes you’ll be charged but don’t worry; we take care of all clearance charges.
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