A 70-year-old man uses a sex doll to fill the pain and loneliness of his lost wife

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According to related websites, the man who lost his wife and was lonely in his 70s bought a couple doll. However, he filed a lawsuit against the manufacturing company because of poor quality.

Doctor Yamashita (71) living in Kyoto. His wife died last March. He died of a beloved wife and bought a high-quality silicone of about 280,000 yen on the Internet six months later. Love dolls to fill this loneliness. Mr. Shan said that his doll was wearing her wife’s clothes and felt like her wife had never left.

However, starting from around May of this year, when such a life lasted for about half a year, the fucking lifelike TPE doll began to change. The joints and local areas began to distort, the fingers deformed, and the metal parts began to emerge from the body. The mountain is very angry. The manufacturer complained that the advertising phrase was false, and he filed a lawsuit against the manufacturing company.

When the sex doll is deformed, how does this man deal with it? Do you still have sex when the doll is deformed? Because this is made by a website manufacturer whose origin is unknown to the Internet, the quality decision is not guaranteed. Why not buy Americans? Our true cheap sex silicone dolls guarantee quality. You should think about it, if it is to satisfy the mind even if it is a little bit of sex dolls, if there is physical strength to experiment, in these time and money, but I think you should buy a better quality.

Mr. Shan can touch a love doll while watching the shadow to feel the deceased wife. The pilot plant accepted Mr. Shan’s appeal and the trial in the current court is under intense pressure. In an interview with the local media, Mr. Shan said: “I have a wife’s ashes and a doll that keeps her at home. I think my wife’s ashes are my soul, my doll is my wife’s body. I have never Buy it for sexual purposes.” Many elderly people who buy love dolls in Japan do not have sex, but many are lonely people who have lost their wives or are not married and like to live with their dolls.

The aging process in Japanese society is rapidly developing. After 30 years, the elderly population over 65 years old is expected to exceed a staggering number. There is a movement in Japan that actively uses it because it can maintain a state of mental stability by using life-sized love dolls. An environment where bad products are ubiquitous like this is also a good opportunity and an opportunity to sell more high-quality sex dolls.

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