A lonely old man gets a companionship or sex life with a real love doll

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Due to the long-lasting birth policy, birth rates and population aging in some countries are rapidly declining. According to the Committee on Ageing, aging has grown rapidly since this year, and the number of older people over the age of 65 will triple from their current level in the past 20 years. This means that these countries will face a severe test.

The parents of the person who was born in the child care policy become more than 65 years old one by one. Speaking of the nest does not mean a thief. It means that a child is nested in the family, leaving only the elderly couple.” At the same time, there is news in the ancient city that there is a lonely empty nest old man living with a None, the locals are very shocked.

This gentleman is 72 years old this year. He died of his wife three years ago because of his illness. He has been living alone since then. He has two children, but his son lives abroad. The eldest daughter is married directly after graduating from college, so he is very difficult to go home. The old man refused to go to a place where he could not understand the language, but he chose to go where his daughter is. In fact, only a few months a year live in the daughter’s house, most of which have returned to their old house.

This gentleman is a little far away from his ears, his body is very healthy and he still has a physiological desire. Once, an acquaintance introduced him to a woman of the same age. He met each other, but when he made a woman have sex, the woman said that even in this era, you are still considering this issue. The old man was beaten and decided to give up.

However, sexual desire still emerges. Therefore, when the elderly introduced a friend of a Chinese medicine teacher, he was encouraged to use adult products. Using the cheap and realistic sex dolls that are now popular in the world can help him solve all the problems.

But this year, he can’t use silicone love dolls many times a year. But sometimes it is a spiritual sustenance that the doll can wear the clothes of a dead wife and then imagine that she is still alive. When you see a lot of older men and women starting to meet in the morning, enjoy gymnastics and dance. People there maintain a different relationship and can eliminate their loneliness.

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