Many people ask questions about how to care for them by phone or email.

"How do I clean my love doll?"

Many people spend a lot of money and precious time on their beloved love dolls.

Such love dolls should be given good care with affection.

However, sometimes I don't know what to do and think about it. How can I keep this beauty and cuteness of my own love doll for a long time? That is a problem.

If you are a new sex doll owner, the most important thing you’d need to know is how to clean and maintain it properly. Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is key to preserving the longevity of your new love doll. If not maintained well, dolls can stain or break, and their skin can degrade or erode. When taking care of your sex doll, you should also take into consideration the material it’s made of.

Things You Need to Know

Unexpectedly, some love doll lovers have a habit of cleaning their entire body, including the delicate zone, immediately after making a club. It's important to note that the more you care for your love doll, the more it will inevitably deteriorate. In particular, if you wash your hands roughly, there is a risk that the feel of human skin will deteriorate in the case of love dolls made of silicone or TPE (elastomer). It will be rough and sticky on the contrary. Even though I got my own girlfriend, I want to prevent it from gradually "aging". In the case of humans, it is the responsibility of the individual woman to maintain beauty, but in the case of love dolls, it is the responsibility of the owner. If you take care of her properly and properly, she will be able to maintain her beauty and cuteness semi-permanently.

So, here I would like to introduce how to clean a love doll. By following the methods presented here, your love doll will be able to last for as long as a day, clean and beautiful.

These recommendations are specific to TPE dolls, TPE dolls are usually soft and easier to use, thus they’re easier to get damaged. If you don’t clean and sanitize your TPE sex doll properly, it can start accumulating bacteria, especially when you let moisture seep into its skin.

The reason you should clean your sex doll?

It can help you:

Keep the doll fresh and more likable.
Prevent spreading diseases.
Prevent tearing of the skin.
Enjoy your love doll for a longer period of time.
・ Wash the hall each time

The body can be used once every few times, but be sure to clean the holes after each use. It is recommended to use a bactericidal hand soap when washing the hall. First, whisk with a whipping net or by hand, then place in the hall and wash thoroughly. Then rinse cleanly with lukewarm water. Then let it dry cleanly. If you use a dryer at this time, you can shorten the time to dry. However, be careful to blow cold air instead of warm air. Detachable vaginal love dolls are easier to wash. Take out the masturbator, add soapy water to wash every corner, and then rinse under the faucet.

Don't wash your body often!

If you remove the sperm fired after making club from the inside, then that's all you need. You don't have to wipe your entire body or wash your face. The purpose of keeping it clean is to keep it clean and to prevent diseases such as infectious diseases from occurring. Unless you have a very dirty May Club, you don't need to wash it. In that sense, it's the rank chin. Caring for a love doll after a make-up club can be a bit tiring and tedious. Therefore, it is better to separate the time of May Club and the time of cleaning. This varies from person to person, so I'll leave it to you when to do it.

Please note that the life of your skin will be shortened, and your skin may become rough and reddened sooner than you think.

What can I use to clean my doll?

Care tools

We recommend cleaning her with her care tools listed below.

These tools give her the best care you can give her

Antibacterial soap
Baby powder
Soft sponge
Cut sponge
Fluffy towel (for drying)
Durable paper towels
Care tools can be prepared with simple tools at home. Speaking of special things, are the only "antibacterial soap" and "sponge"? If you leave both of them exclusively for love dolls, you will be able to use them for a long time. Other tools are introduced below.

Prepare a "large" sponge for wiping the entire body with a soft sponge used for washing dishes, and a "small" sponge for wiping the local area. The "small" sponge can be made by cutting the "large" sponge into smaller pieces. However, please note that if it is too small, it will not be possible to clean it.

Baby powder
It is the so-called "Tenkafun". If you apply it lightly on the skin after wiping it, the surface of the skin will become smooth, wrapped in a good scent, and you can use it next time. It also helps protect the surface of the skin, so please use it.

I don't think there are tweezers in a typical single household, but the one that came with the first aid kit is OK. If not, you can use "painted chopsticks" instead of tweezers. Moreover, it is better if there is something with a blunt tip. Even if you make a mistake, do not use disposable chopsticks. The inside (vaginal wall) will stand up.

・ Bath towel ・ Paper towel

It is for wiping off the water after washing the whole body. Paper towels are also used to cleanly remove the sperm left in the vagina. The reason for paper towels is that towels cannot be completely wiped off, and tissue paper can leave debris on the inside of the tissue, which can be unsanitary the next time you use it.

Best Ways to Keep Your Love Doll Clean

Follow this step-by-step guide, and you can be sure your doll always stays clean and fresh.

Give your doll a shower or a bath

If you feel like it, you can take a shower together with your doll. Anyways, keep these tips in mind:

Hot water might easily damage your sex doll (especially the TPE one). That’s why we advise using medium-temperature water.
Never submerge or spray water over the doll’s head. You don’t want your love doll to start molding or rusting.
If you can, try to take your doll’s head off before showering or bathing. Then, wrap a few layers of aluminum foil (or plastic) around the neck and seal it.
Never put your doll directly on the floor of a bathtub or shower, use a towel to prevent it from scratches.
Using unscented and mild antibacterial soap, gently rub the doll with your hands.
Remember to keep the metal parts dry.
Clean the orifices

Most sex dolls have up to three orifices. While showering the doll’s whole body is essential, dealing with cleaning orifices can be a bit more challenging. However, you should never omit washing them since they get the most intimate contact.

Depending on the model, your doll might have either removable or irremovable orifices. Usually, removable orifices including vaginas, anuses, and mouths are much easier to clean.

Removable orifices care

If you own a sex doll with removable orifices, remember to detach them after intercourse and flush them out. Always use antibacterial soap to clean your doll before you dry it with a towel. Then you can leave it to air dry.

You can also use a fan but never use a hair drier; it might severely damage the doll. We’d also advise keeping removable orifices separately until the next use rather than storing them in the doll.

Irremovable orifices care

If you want to avoid a mess while cleaning a doll with irremovable orifices, we’d suggest doing it all together while bathing your sex doll. Then, follow the same procedure as you’d do with the removable orifices. Rinse them with the help of a cleaning tool and air dry.

Remember that soap and moisture can damage the doll if left for too long. Try to dry it out as soon as possible.

Clean a doll´s wig

There’s nothing complicated with cleaning your doll’s wig. Follow these steps:

Remove the wig and wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.
Let the wig dry (use a wig stand if you have one)
Gently comb the hair

Wet dolls are slippery - a plastic stool in a shower is safer than standing. 
Do not use abrasive soaps or any other general cleaning products.
Do not use hard sponges or wire brushes as this will cause damage. 
It's easiest to lie your doll on towels on a bed to allow it to dry. 
Tip: Try spreading the legs and using a small fan to hasten to dry.
Do not put the doll near an open fire or a radiator to dry. 
Dry your love doll

As we’ve already mentioned, don’t use a blow dryer to dry the doll out. Heat might simply melt or damage your sex doll.

We recommend using microfibre towels before you let your doll air dry. You can also use soft cloth material.

After removing your love doll from a bathtub or shower, place it on a dry sheet and expose it to room temperature. To make sure there’s no moisture left in orifices you can also put a piece of kitchen paper towel inside.

Oil and powder a sex doll

For general maintenance (depending on usage), TPE dolls are recommended to be oiled up to 3-4 times a year. Be careful not to apply too much oil. If necessary, apply a very small amount of petrolatum/petrolatum jelly to areas of high wear such as the knees, groin, and near the vagina.

Once your doll is thoroughly dried, massage it with cornstarch baby powder all over the body. Keep in mind that oil will take some time to absorb, so you might need to leave it to sit overnight, or at least give it a few hours.

To provide your doll with the best treatment, you’d need to use vaseline for such parts as orifices (vagina, anus, and mouth), weighted areas (butt crack and breast), or jointed areas (armpits, elbows, and inner thighs).

How to store my love doll properly?

When you’re not using your doll, you should make sure you store it correctly. Never store your love doll near windows, humidifiers, or any other sources of moisture. If you don’t want your doll to start molding, ensure its orifices are dried (place a paper towel inside for extra precaution).

You can choose to store your doll in:

Cupboard (hanging option needed)

Original package box

Storage box

How often should I clean my sex doll?

Clean the love doll before use to initially remove factory residues.

Dolls stored in dusty areas should be washed once a month.

Cleaning does not need to be done frequently except to keep the inside (inside the vagina) fired after make club. However, please note that you need to do it every 2 to 4 weeks.

There are two purposes of care.

① For cleanliness and hygiene

② To maintain good health for a long time

The frequency of whole-body care should be approximately once every 2 to 4 weeks.

This is essential for a long-lasting hygienic environment and love doll health.

A common mistake is that many of our customers are so sensitive to hygiene that they clean her every time she uses it.

However, too frequent care will, on the contrary, cause her skin to deteriorate faster.

Expert tips for an easy clean

While we believe you can handle your lovely doll pretty well by yourself, we still

find these tips useful for all sex doll owners:

Get a doll with removable orifices to make the cleaning process easier.
Use male or female condoms during sex to prevent liquid from spilling.
Lay or hang your doll first before oiling or powdering her.
If your doll has irremovable orifices, you can use tampons or a fan to help them dry.
Use a ratio of 1:5 soap to water.