How many times should I clean my sex dolls a day?

  • Make sure you clean your sex dolls before it’s first usage to get rid of factory residue.
  • Sex dolls must be cleaned on a monthly basis if they are not stored away from dust.
  • We suggest cleaning sexy dolls after each sexual use in the important areas.

What you shouldn’t do while cleaning your sexdoll

  • Avert the below steps when cleaning your sex doll, this is quite essential so as to increase the lifetime of the sex doll:
  • Avert the usage of any sharp objects while cleaning sex dolls as this may lead to rupturing the sex doll skin
  • Refrain from getting the head or neck drenched in water for any period of time
  • Apply less pressure to the sex doll’s skin while cleaning or drying the doll as again this could lead to a tear
  • Don’t use a hair or blow dryer to dry your sex dolls.

How can I clean my sex doll’s body?

  • Beginning by discarding any exuberance lubricant or body fluid with a soft towel.
  • Eliminate the vaginal insert if applicable.
  • Off the wig and clean this independently.
  • The insert are often washed during a anti-bacterial warm soapy water in a sink and allowed to air dry thoroughly.
  • For the complete sex dolls – lay your sex doll on towels on a bed and use a sprig bottle mixture of (preferably sulfate free) soap and clean warm water, gently massage the sex doll’s skin together with your hands, or wipe down with a clean sponge.
  • It is safest to lie your sex doll on top of towels and spray then wipe but if you’re confident handling your sexy doll’s weight and luxuriate in water-play, see below.
  • You can shower or bathe a sex doll if you’re taking care of the “skeleton” eg try to not let the neck or head become too wet. this is often to stop damage to the “skeleton” and potential mould. you’ll cover the metal areas with a bag if you discover this easier or ensure feet (with metal bolts) are overlooked of the bathtub for instance .
  • Wet sex dolls are greasy – may be a plastic stool in shower is more safe than standing.
  • Don’t utilize caustic soaps or any other common cleaning products.
  • Desist from using hard sponges or wire brushes because they can damage your sex dolls
  • It’s very easy to lie your sex doll on towels in bed so as to allow it to dry.
  • Tip: try widening the legs and use a small fan to blow air to hasten drying.
  • Don’t put your sex doll close to an open fire or a radiator to dry.

 Ways to clean the sex doll vagina, anus, and mouth

  Usage of a condom can assist you to avoid tons of constraints although you ought to not forget to rinse her with a touch water to get rid of the lube. For those that don’t like condoms and to make sure maximum pleasure, you’ll need to pay more attention to the sex doll’s genitalia cleaning. Cleaning the sex dolls vagina, anus and mouth are often done some ways. You’ll do that either within the bath, shower or when your sex doll is lying down and not submerged in water. The technique we recommend is to move the sex doll out of the bathtub or shower and lie her on the side which can expose both the vagina and anus. Then follow the steps listed below:

  • Take one among the tiny swab sponges with the medical pincers and coat the sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap, ensuring it’s thoroughly coated.
  • Push the sponge into the vagina or anus and using the pincers move it round the orifice until it’s thoroughly cleaned.
  • Remove the sponge, clean using warm water and repeat step 1 & 2 again. At this stage the vagina and anus should be cleaned enough and freed from any bacteria. Using the pincers again, take a second dry swab sponge and insert within the vagina and anus to take out most of the moisture, then remove.
  • On a final note, wrap the strong paper towel around the end of the pincers and put inside the sex doll again, giving it a final dry.

Once a sex doll has dried use the talcum powder on the exterior of the vagina and anus, your love doll should now be clean inside and out and ready to use again. You can follow the steps above for the porn doll’s mouth also, which should be easier to clean.

How can I clean my human sex doll’s wig?

  • The wig must be removed often from the sex doll’s head before cleaning.
  • It’s best to comb the wig before starting your cleaning.
  • It’s more easy to clean in a small hand basin or even a bath is excellent if your love doll has long hair.
  • Add enough COLD water in the basin and add a coin-sized squirt of soap to form mini “bubble bath” for the wig. However, sulfate free shampoo is the best.
  • It’s a must you use cold water or you risk losing the style e.g curls. Deluge the wig and churn it carefully then leave for approximately 5mins to soak.
  • Deplete the sink and wash gently from the top till water runs clear – no bubbles.
  • Don’t let the wig dry on the sex doll’s head.
  • Don’t utilize hair products to beautify the sex doll hair.

How to Dry Sex Doll After Cleaning?

  Keeping your sex doll fully dried is very essential since it will avoid a tear and friction of your sex doll’s skin. After washing the holes of your sex doll, you can build sponges, dry wash the cloth or towel on sticks, pull it in and out and repeat a couple of more times. But anyway the within remains damp after the sponge treatment, so you’d better use an aquarium vacuum pump for further drying. (Of course, everything are going to be easier if you select a removable vagina. it’s super easy to wash and take out/put in. Turn the within out and wash it off with soap and water then leave it to dry for a short time , still inside out. Then turn within the right side in and coat the surface of the insert with some fresh cornstarch and re-insert in your sex doll.) After cleaning the surface of your porn sex doll, you’ll manually dry the body with microfiber cloth or commercial recycled paper towels, then allow your sex doll to take a seat for an hour and full dry naturally. Finally, you’ll apply the talcum to the sexy doll’s body to offer it a pleasant fragrance and stop the skin from becoming tacky.