Clean and maintain the sexy TPE love doll before and after use

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It is very important to check that the clothes placed on the love doll will not transfer any color to the love doll. If the two types of skin (silicone and TPE) are not thoroughly cleansed before use on the doll, they will show any color on the clothes. In particular, TPE skin is very porous and discolored. To clean clothes, use the usual washing method, but make sure the clothes are completely dry before putting on the doll. This applies to anything that comes in contact with the doll, if it contains ink or anything that might discolor the skin, avoid contact. So how do we regulate this robot doll? Their humanistic qualities and abilities give them certain rights, such as those we enjoy as humans under national law? Or do they have to write a new rule book for them?

There are already many laws aimed at preventing the import and use of child-like dolls, but many of them have not yet been tested by the Constitution. Remove the doll’s wig and wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. After the wig is thoroughly cleaned, dry it naturally. You may want to buy a wig to simplify your work and speed up the installation process. After the wig is dry, use a comb to gently comb the hair from the bottom to the top. This will prevent you from pulling the comb through any knots and removing hair from the wig. So what should the elderly pay attention to during sex? Sex time. Adult sexual life usually occurs after going to bed at night and may not be suitable for older people. Older people tend to get tired. After a day of activity, they will feel tired. How are they interested in sex?

Therefore, the sexual life of the elderly should be carried out after going to bed or before getting up in the morning. Because both mental and physical strength are restored after a break, it is easier for both parties to gain sexual satisfaction. Old people only have sex at night. When sexual impulses come, as long as the living environment allows, they can have sex at any time. Customized silicone beauty, multiple functions allow you to enjoy each area has its own beautiful female regional characteristics, such as European blonde female silicone dolls, lively and lively, the beauty of Asia is gentle and restrained. Different regions have different aesthetics. Not all beautiful women with different characteristics can relax their eyes. Some people like hot girls with dark or chocolate hair. Some people like mysterious red hair and charming eyes.

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The porosity of TPE is a decrease. TPE dolls may even leak oil from your pores, so be careful where you like or entertain your doll. The porous nature also means that it will absorb stains on clothing and maintain humidity, which can cause mold. Therefore, it is important not only to wash the doll after use, but also to dry it. This makes me take a bath. You can bathe with TPE sex dolls, but the water temperature must not exceed 40 * C, any high temperature may damage the dolls! You will not encounter this problem on Silicone, I will discuss it in detail now. So now the story is over, this is how it happened. When I was lonely on Friday night, I decided to go for a ride with myself and my new addiction to life size realistic love dolls.

For those who don’t know about sex doll, it’s basically a website where girls, boys, couples and others can work in front of the camera in real time and do what they want when they pay. This is a good thing for me, but it cost me some money. Why not go for silicone woman love dolls, this life-size TPE doll or any other website you might ask? Mainly because the idea of ​​looking at others is the second good thing to have sex in a good relationship, which I don’t have. Anyway, I’m browsing the couple’s category and it does exist. Still her, I should say. A couple is performing live with a life-size sex doll in groups of three. I admit that I have seen clips about sex dolls and AI dolls on YouTube and other sources before, but I have never seen anyone actually have sex with a sex doll. I have to watch this.

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