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    Vsex dolls offers an amazing customer service 24 hours a week and that means that you can be able to contact us from wherever you are anytime you want.

    Our clients come from all over the world and will be ready to buy sex dolls online anytime. That means that on a daily basis we get orders for our products from a lot of people out there. This means that we are always busy and working and cannot afford to slack off at any time.


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    Realistic Sex Dolls

    If you would like to contact us to inquire about our realistic sex dolls or to make a purchase you could always reach out to us the moment you visit our website. With the variety of sex dolls we deal with people will always need assistance especially in situations where they are dealing with robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence.

    Complaints and any problems that may be encountered along the way are also being sent to us via email or using our contact information which is always available to our clients, even those in need of renting sex dolls. We will solve whatever problems you may and deal with your complaints.

    The agents at Vsexdolls are always on standby and will always answer your calls and help you out wherever you deem necessary. If you are looking to buy real sex dolls but have no idea on what to get, they are there to guide you on your journey of finding the right sex doll for sale for you. Our agents may even take it upon themselves to recommend you some realistic sex dolls that they may deem fit to be used by you.

    Our website also do go ahead to send clients pictures of the various sex dolls that we do have to ensure that you are on the right track for the kind of sex doll you are in market for.

    Silicone Sex Dolls

    Not to worry. As much as many may argue that most websites put up fake pictures on their profiles to try and incite customers our website only goes ahead to offer real deal sex dolls including silicone sex dolls. What you see is what you get when you choose Vsexdolls as your shopping spot for cheap lifelike sex dolls.

    Once you have found the right type of lifelike sex doll you would like to purchase you can then go ahead and add it to the cart. You will then proceed to fill in your order details which will include your full name, email address and the address at which you would like your sex dolls delivered to.

    Male Sex Dolls

    Do take note that our services are also extended to those that will be in need of male sex dolls for sale. When you are ready to pay for the sex dolls or products you have purchased you can now proceed to make your payment which may either be in form of a credit card or debit card. We make sure that you never have to worry about the size of the sex dolls as we have mini sex dolls for sale available for you. Once the payment is made you will go on to receive a confirmation email after twelve hours once you have cleared your payment.

    Once the sex dolls orders are made and they are ready for shipping one may be able to track his or her purchase.

    The tracking number is always sent by email to the customer as soon as the products are ready to be shipped.

    Shipping can take time but within seven or fourteen working days depending on where the sex dolls and your products are been shipped to you will have your sex dolls at the address you provided when you were filling out your order.

    Once your order is there you will be contacted to come and get it and there is no need to worry as the sex dolls and products are well packed and provide the outmost privacy.

    As for all the sex dolls and products that are sent out to our clients we offer free shipping which usually means that our clients do not have to worry about any taxes or custom duties when the sex dolls get to their country.

    VSex Dolls Support

    Aside from having an email address and a contact number from where our clients can reach out to us, we also run a support forum for over twenty four hours. Our support forum usually ensures customers privacy and allows for them to answer any questions that they may have without the fear of getting judged. The customers questions are also guaranteed to get not only the correct answers but also satisfactory answers.

    Our support forum also allows for our clientele to ask for recommendations on the perfect sex dolls for them depending on what they are really looking for.

    For those who would wish to come shop in person or even visit us so that they can see the different type of sex dolls and products we have in store we have different stations across the world.

    We have a station in New York, États Unis in North America and another one in Berlin.

    Also for our online clientele that are in Europe or around Europe they may find that this station is more accessible to them.

    For those that are around or in North America and may also feel the need to visit us either for shopping or to just come see the available sex dolls and products our address is available for you on our website.

    We are much aware of the need to serve our clients and offer them with sex dolls that are for sale in the USA. We also recognise the need to serve the ones that need used sex dolls for sale and we make sure to accord them equal opportunities.

    We hope that this information will be very useful to all of our clientele out there and that it will make their shopping experience even better. Remember that there is no shame in wanting to find sexual pleasure in a lifelike sex doll when you can’t find it from someone.