Coronavirus causes a sharp increase in demand for sex dolls by self-insulating Randy

A leading provider sex doll received an increase in demand due to the outbreak of coronavirus. realistic sex doll “Our vision at NATRL is to normalize the fact that people have a desire” NATRL “and a healthy libido is normal,” says the website.

“He takes it because he has no money,” said Tanada. “But when he does, he realizes how making dolls is interesting.” real doll The best way to defend your pleasure is to be open with your partner about what you like. It starts in the room, but it should also include fantasies about sex toys and dolls.

“It’s someone to talk to is someone to listen to you is someone with whom you need to cuddle and, of course, it’s just someone to be there with you in an empty room. “

For 50,000 yen (about R $ 1,920), the client may request full details of the funeral, including a memorial silicone doll, certificates and photos or videos of the ceremony. The widower is in charge. silicone sex dolls “People with disabilities, socially awkward people can also enjoy a sexual relationship with a doll,” she said.

Doll Image

Mr. Gibson said that the evolution of the technology industry has seen the DVDs become less popular, while the VR has attracted much attention.

Doll Image

Each silicone doll is made in China from a mixture of plastic and rubber. Figures Kim Kardashian are particularly popular with customers at present. But Lovedoll’s no stranger to unusual inquiries.

A leading provider sex doll received an increase in demand due to the outbreak of coronavirus.0

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