Further promoted the development of high-end sex dolls

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When sex dolls were first advertised in American porn magazines in 1968, everything changed, where they could be purchased by mail order. Since the 1970s, the development of high-end sex dolls has been further promoted through the use of silicones. By the 1980s, the confidentiality of buying real sex doll had been largely eliminated; they could be found in adult stores across the United States and in the red light districts of Europe. However, most of these ready-made dolls are limited to the original explosive dolls, and it is still difficult to find advanced models.

Ambre, the sexiest and most beautiful woman in Paris. If she says that her appearance has nothing to do with success, then she will lie because both men and women are interested in her: I have a brain connected to it, and I want a man who can appreciate both aspects. In my personality … this inflatable doll is made of high quality TPE material, it is hypoallergenic, flexible, durable and easy to maintain. What’s more, TPE is very soft to the touch and changes with your movement rhythm during intercourse. Not only does this make the experience surreal, it also gives you an unseen soft ass action: it’s an illusion for everyone.

Doll Image

The scent size of realistic silicone dolls depends on the choice of essential oils and working oils. Choose high-quality oil and natural refined dolls, non-toxic and safe. However, if you choose inferior surgical oil and inferior artificial flavor, the doll’s odor will be stronger, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. It is hard to say the harm to the human body for a long time. None with human skin hardness more or less smell of working oil. If the selected oil is of poor quality, the smell is clearer. Some inferior working oils even have a bad smell of diesel.

But it’s also about leaving his own world. In this world, I have to take care of my soul a little bit, and my lover must also repair my soul, watch a football game or play a game or walk on a PC. It doesn’t matter to me. On Sunday is still the day of care, the silicone doll is re-pulverized, washed and dressed, but we always spend a lot of time between steps.

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