German soldiers have cute super realistic sex doll during World War II

A persistent urban legend is that during the Second World War, real love doll were designed for German soldiers to prevent them from quarreling with non-Aryan women. When you try to find a gardener with a copy, you find it. It looks uncomfortable.

Doll Image

Then came German photographers, who published impressive creations in ordinary Germans who had sex in her series, but sometimes disturbingly shot modern real dolls. For Germans, the title of the thick photographic work happens to be ordinary German, and there are rumors that the artist stayed in private for many years, often a doll. This in turn shows that not only men have great weaknesses in this love.

But to make her different, it’s important that sex dolls become love dolls. It doesn’t have to end up being as complicated as it is between me and my lover, who sees me as the soul of a dead doll. It is enough to have feelings and emotions for a love doll. As long as you are happy and love her, be proud of her and value her, you can think of her as a sex doll, not just a sex doll, such as a partner or beautiful Hobby.

Only when lifelike sex dolls lost the value of luxury masturbators did German talents begin to have a permanent satisfaction with love dolls. Then, like erotic dolls, in erotic fantasy, not only is there a little fun by the ears, but it also starts to move, inspire and positively change.

Real sex dolls are an important part of life. It’s great that German soldiers spend their holidays on sex dolls. So how do you spend your holiday with Love Dolls? Here are some suggestions. No matter whether it is Christmas or Halloween, there is nothing better than having a sex doll decorated with matching costumes to enjoy time. Christmas is the best time of the year and you certainly want to enjoy this moment. Perhaps one of the best ideas, go all out and wear Santa costumes all day. While maintaining a proper figure and continuing the day’s activities, take some cool pictures to remember later.

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