How to fix your sex doll?

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Any item will be damaged and will need to be repaired. Just like your sex doll will be damaged, you don’t have to worry about your sex doll being damaged and can’t be used. You just need to make a simple repair.If your sex doll is slightly damaged, maybe you can do some simple sex doll repair yourself. Below I will introduce you to some simple fixes.

If your sex doll is traced by overweight items, the easiest way to do this is to cover the pressure dent with a hot, clean towel for a while, then put on the glove and pat the part with your hand. Repeat them until the indentation disappears. Covered with a clean white cloth or wet indentation, and then the surface was heated with a hair dryer, until the indentation and indentation gradually disappear.

If your sex doll is damaged due to improper operation, the skin on the surface of the sex doll will be damaged. For example, a sharp object will cause the skin surface of the doll to break. You should use a special TPE glue to carry out the sex doll repair. The TPE repair glue will melt the TPE and then the melted part will be rejoined, which will help the repaired part to be more natural. The following steps need to be followed:

To help TPE glue work better, you need to clean the damaged area with a cleanser, mild soap, make-up remover or nail polish cleaner.

Dry the water stains on the surface of the doll’s skin and keep it dry.

To prevent the glue from overflowing the breakage, it is best to place the wound area horizontally. You also need to find a location where you can easily put the sides of the tear together and squeeze them by hand to bond the glue together intact.

In the course of the operation, each step requires careful operation, otherwise it will lead to unnatural bonding, making it impossible to repair.

The TPE repair solvent acts by melting the surface of the TPE. When used inside a wound, it changes the surface inside the wound and fuses the sides together when closed.

Instructions for use:
Wipe the wound surface area with 70% isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt and excess oil from the wound area.
Open your wound with your fingers.
A thin TPE repair solvent coating was applied to the inner surface of the wound using the provided spatula.
Carefully align and keep the wound closed for a few minutes to allow the TPE repair solvent to fuse the wound. Make sure the wound has no tension that could pull it back.
Once closed, the wound is allowed to cure for 24 hours and the sex doll is positioned so that there is no tension during the curing process.

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