Is it suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to buy sex dolls, why buy them?

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1. Lonely, the current family is basically the only child with the only child. The child is working outside or has been working outside, and his wife is not there, so buy a personalized sex doll to accompany himself.

2, with the loss of sexual function, but men generally have the age or have this demand;

3, they all like to see young and beautiful girls, seeing the sex dolls as if they are seeing their wife is young;

4, retiring at home no one to accompany the choice of dolls have more than one person;

5, the artists use the doll as an art appreciation; put a realistic love doll in the hall to keep an eye;

6, money wealth, many families are very happy, not as good as anything to experience, so as not to leave regrets.

7, hobby shooting, like to dress up for anime or beauty dolls, etc.;

In the eyes of many people, buying sex dolls seems to be a matter for young people. Young people are energetic and need venting and emotional communication. Young people are in a period of rising career, so they have less time and less time. Love, making friends, and more importantly, young people tend to have limited economic conditions and do not realize financial freedom. The cost of falling in love is huge, and often a brand-name bag costs thousands of dollars. Because of the inability to afford, many young people will Choose silicone love dolls. All of the above will make many people think that buying a doll is a matter for young people. For middle-aged and elderly people to buy tpe dolls, many people will worry about being inappropriate. So, is it appropriate for middle-aged and elderly people to buy love dolls?

According to uloversdoll’s statistics, more than 70% of users who buy silicone dolls are middle-aged and older! This figure illustrates the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of middle-aged and elderly people to buy physical dolls. It also proves that it is absolutely appropriate for middle-aged and elderly people to purchase realistic dolls with objective data.

Uloversdoll has a 47-year-old middle-aged client who authorizes us to use his story without name – this client is out of business because of his work needs, not only causing alienation with his children, but even his wife is derailed, even though The customer was deeply hurt, but for the sake of a pair of children under the age of 20, the client chose to forgive his wife and maintain a marriage relationship. However, because the wife is derailed, the client does not intend to continue to “stay as jade” in the long years of work in the field. From the aspects of safety, health, ability to meet psychological companionship, physiological needs, and opinions of others, the client finally chooses. Buy a realistic love doll at the uloversdoll professional doll store, let her accompany her life and enrich more sex life.

fter purchasing the tpe love doll, most of these customers will express their sincere gratitude to uloversdoll, and emphasize that it is the love doll that allows his (her) emotions to be trusted, physiological needs and safety and health, and does not need to Derailed, extramarital affairs, etc., suffer from the gossip of others, fall into the old flowers and the bad reputation of the evening!

If you want to discuss whether the elderly should have the topic of “sexual interest”, you should correct your attitude, avoid it, and avoid it. The elderly are also human and have sexual desires. They should have “sexual interest”, but society is suppressing the elderly. The normal needs, once the performance of sexual desires, will appeal to moral high ground, which makes the elderly at a loss.

As everyone knows, when people enter old age, there will be a decline in physiological functions. The physical quality will be worse than before, and the activity will be reduced. However, if the reduction is not as good as before, it does not mean that it will disappear completely. The same is true for sexual desire.

The elderly should face their own physiological needs and firmly believe that “blocking is not as good as sparse.”

The elderly should of course have sexual desire and “sexual interest”, but how to solve it?

There are always old companions, and the elderly who are old and old are in a minority. Most of the elderly are not widowers or widows. My wife can’t stay with me or be frail and unable to meet the requirements of the New Year. At this time, it is not recommended for the elderly to find sex workers to solve the demand. It may be a good choice to make a true love doll.

Of course, the older generation is not as universally acceptable as young people today (even if they don’t use it, and can’t accept it) something that is fresher or more open, especially in terms of sex.

Solving the problem that the elderly generally believe that using simulated entity dolls to accompany themselves is a shameful thing, is the key to opening a door for the elderly to solve loneliness, loneliness and sexual desire, and only to let the elderly be shameful with “realistic dolls” “This revolution has completely changed, so that the current situation of the elderly in the world can be improved.

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