Keep your entity adult silicone love dolls away from fire

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Do not leave the silicone sex dolls in a heating blanket for a long time, otherwise it may damage the skin. I recommend wrapping it in a preheated blanket. In addition, using only warm water, hot water may also damage the skin. They regularly use high-quality lubricants to make it more realistic, because you can happily drag it without moving a finger. Never use oils or silicone-based lubricants as they can damage the material of adult sexy dolls. Water-based lubricants work perfectly.

Why do we talk about the dress style of sex dolls? If it’s made just for sex, why is clothes important? Many new owners and people who are becoming interested in sex dolls may now ask these questions, but long-term owners already know why clothes are important. Changing your doll’s clothes will give you more opportunities to play with your doll, and you can build a real bond with your doll. I will go into details so that you know exactly why sex doll clothes are so important.

Doll Image

Does this sound out of place? We take care of our sex dolls. So much so that they can be an ongoing investment and they stay happy. This is where empathy returns to the equation, because we want our girls to look and feel their best. We buy cosmetics, clothes, shoes, jewelry for them, and we are happy to see them happy. We actually make our None lucky. In fact, this is our happiness, but our doll is the soundboard of happiness when we are with us.

Otherwise sex is great. Everything has become easier and faster, and I can do more with him, especially in the riding position. You can say that TPE love dolls are made for this gender variant, and it is really fun to experience with the people I love. On the weekends, we want to hug our lunch with the ragdoll for lunch. It will definitely be good, because here we will also be able to experience more things. I can’t wait to do that with him.

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