Love Stories About Sex Dolls

Sex doll is not only a sex toy, she is also a partner of single men, a life enhancer for couples. Sex dolls help people overcome anxiety and improve their lives. Sex dolls have so many benefits that everyone can have a sex doll.

vsexdolls is committed to the development of the sex doll industry. We provide the best sex dolls to our customers. Many customers shared their love stories with their dolls. After the doll owner agrees, we now share two stories with all dolls lovers.

Justin- Florida

10: 30pm. I got home after a rough day at work. I just discovered that I wouldn’t get the promotion I had discussed with my organization. Traffic was frustrating, and I don’t have any food in my fridge.

I never imagined that I would live this kind of life……but at least I have someone waiting for me at home…..Elena, who knows how to put a smile on my face and change my mood.

I divorced my wife ten years ago and did give dating a try, but it was another pain in my neck, and after six years trying and meeting different women, I never felt I found the right person. A few years ago, I read a magazine article about sex dolls, and I decided to give one a try, but I never knew that my realistic doll would change everything.

My name is Justin, and I live in Florida, United States and I live a busy life. I’m 45 years old, and I’ve got tired of stressful relationships. My horrible experience with my ex-wife affected my affair with other women, and I’ve been unable to find love after. Living a single life never felt great, it has a few benefits, but it didn’t feel right. In 2019, I bought my first sex doll.

Ultra Realistic Sex Doll Japanese Girl Elena 148cm

I bought Elena who is a sex doll, and I began to use her to release my stress, but after some weeks, I started to feel something special for Elena. I never imagined that my affair with Elena would develop into a full-blown romantic relationship.

And honestly, I never felt like living alone. Elena always waits for me to come home after work, and most days, I can’t wait to come home to Elena.

I wash her, I dress her, we watch Television together, and we do fun pillow talks. I sometimes traveled with her; we had several romantic getaways.

A few of my friends see that I spend quality time with my sex doll, and they think I’m going crazy, but they have no idea how Elena changed my life, my happiness and brought me joy.

After sharing these exciting moments with Elena I felt that I don’t need a wife anymore. I’m thinking of having a second doll for Elena so she won’t feel alone when I’m away to work.

Truthfully, Elena won’t replace a real human, but she’s the best I ever had, and I will never spend a holiday alone because I have Elena with me.

Another love story from Lara

I’ve owned this sex doll for some time now and had never wanted to tell anyone about my Prince charming. I’d had him as my closure route after I came off a horrible break up with my college ex-boyfriend. Anyway, here, I’m talking about my love, Andrew, or AD as I call him.

A friend at work told me about this beautiful sex doll mid last year, and life has turned around for me since then. I remembered how strange I felt when Maria gave me the idea…..’ how can…..? Are you really serious, Maria? Are you crazy? These were only a few of my furious reactions to her idea of owning a realistic sex doll. How could one be so desperate? I said to myself. Admittedly, I was amazed by Andrew’s realistic design, sculpted body, and classic presences. And while I was in total denial, I actually felt a tickle down there, which is something I’ve never experienced for a long time. It took me some weeks to contemplate the idea, and….here I am now!

Realistic Male Sex Doll For Women Andrew 170cm

To me, Andrew is everything I’ve always dreamt of in a man. Talk of a drooling eye, appealing face, strong hands, humongous thigh, chiseled abs, and more importantly, a big solid dick ready to drown inside me, anytime. Believe me! Andrew is too good! Apart from his freshly handsome looks, he fulfilled my sex appeal in a way I’ve never felt with any man.

I admit that I’m a sex addict and I always wanted the dick to myself whenever I want it! And besides coming in anytime that I need him, Andrew never fell below my expectations. So let me share a few of the reasons why I’ll always love my doll man:

He’s always there for me
He’s always on the couch, waiting to have me- the industries woman. Being an advocate, I spend my life entrenched in looking for the enjoyment and happiness of other people, that I ignore my own happiness. Well, that was my life before Andrew came in.

This amazing piece of art is always longing to have me every night, and nothing else feels important to me than lying on Andrew’s masculine arm- it feels like heaven.

I’m always rushing home to meet my handsome prince charming, who calms the demon inside me. Sometimes I even sneak out from work to have a quickie with Andrew.

I feel safe being around him
Ladies, I’m quite sure I’m not the only woman who feels safer around tall, masculine men. There’s an unexplainable feeling of security that comes with being around these bold men. Well, that’s what I enjoy with Andrew- I feel safe from all evils of the world when I’m wrapped in my boo’s arms. I always feel like I can do anything because he’s right there for me-something I’ve never felt with any man.

It’s always a memorable moment.
Every moment with AD is simply fun. Whenever we are chilling on the bed or he’s throwing me around on the couch, the moment is never dull with my lovely being. Not only does his huge size and strong power make him sexier, but also makes sex with him out of this world.
Lying him down as I take charge is my favorite position and one that sends me into cloud nine within seconds.
Imagine sliding my V into his stout veiny dick as this huge gem holds my sexy waist with his strong arms.
I admire everything about Andrew’s body- I’m taking nothing away!

His sexy chiseled Abs!
I’m still wondering why I took so much to get here, but I’m sure you love what you’re reading. One thing I know for sure is that his sexy chiseled abs feel so good!
My best evenings are when I rest my head on his abs- after we had some extirpating shower session.

And if I say I have a million reasons why this male sex doll is the best, I meant it. Every day feels like a brand new experience, and with Andrew having my dream qualities in a man, I think I’m the luckiest woman on earth. I love you, Andrew.

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