Make a realistic cheap real-life sex doll based on anime characters

Doll Image

With the expansion of the otaku culture, the hobby of collecting cartoon characters and candy has spread to the public. A long time ago, if a beautiful girl image was displayed in the room, it would immediately be considered a true silicone love doll, but recently the wind has become more gentle.

However, there are some character lovers who engage in hardcore activities in order to put a stone in the graphic world to make it so ineffective. That is the cheap Japanese sex doll! This is not just the characters and dolls they like. Collect more life-size dolls.

A true adult doll has become a hot topic, but like the love doll, even for the purpose of practical erotic, just for watching and porn. This is a fanatical book, you have a life-size silicone doll that costs hundreds of thousands of yen. If you keep it, it will be cumbersome!

In addition, members of sex doll lovers not only like to put life-size dolls in the room, but also go out to sea, travel, to the mountains, to the city to participate in the real TPE sexy doll photos. How do you feel when you live with a lifelike adult doll?

Kevin is an anime lover who is collecting the numbers of my favorite characters, but this character is released as a 150 cm character doll. That’s why I upgraded from a doll to a real person.

There seems to be more anime face dolls than real people about human dolls, but the physical adult cheap silicone dolls are looking for the 3D world has come. Isn’t it interesting just because the anime character is at home? What is the charm of a life-size doll that can’t satisfy normal-sized characters and dolls?

If you have multiple sex dolls, I think it takes a lot of space, but how do you leave it at home? Do you sleep together? Or I usually put it in a box. If you have any other difficulties living with a life-size TPE doll, please let me know. I think this room is too small, and a life-size costume costs money.

It is important to take a life-size doll outside and hold a photo session. Everyone is injecting love into a life-sized doll without worrying about too big, too heavy, too conspicuous. Choose our best silicone sexy TPE dolls according to your needs to help you get more life fun.

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