Plastic surgery can help people become a real cheap silicone sex doll

Doll Image

There are many women in the world who have undergone plastic surgery many times in order to look like Barbie real dolls. According to US reports, Mr. George from Stalin, USA, is eager to look like a sex doll and has undergone 25 cosmetic surgery.

So far, 3 chests, 4 noses and other surgeries, such as forehead lift, jaw sharpening, standing ear correction, etc., cost a total of $180,000, but still need to continue treatment.

Surprisingly, however, according to Mr. George’s doctor, “There is at least six additional surgeries to get the desired look.” “Thank you for your cooperation with Mr. George, but it still takes a few treatments to complete the plastic surgery. ”

However, his Instagram account now has 200,000 fans and has caught the attention of a true love silicone doll. Fans hope to learn more about plastic surgery by sharing Mr. George’s plastic surgery process, because not only does George want to look like a life-size sex doll, but more people want to find the medical department they trust. Help them realize their dream of plastic surgery.

Many women see that their George looks like a realistic love doll, which is their highest yearning compliment. But for me, these emotional creatures are said to have the world’s largest chest porn actress, so what is their purpose for plastic surgery?

Sandna said, “I want to be a perfect adult doll, can I shape what I want?”, but her sexy thick lips and toast are just love dolls. For men who like dolls, this is an irresistible body.

A few years ago, in South Korea, Japan, a “monster” eager for German TPE dolls and repeated more than 100 plastic surgery caused a lot of attention. I want to support girls who are pursuing their ideals. In this way, they will look like they want, even if they are a cheap silicone sexy sex doll, they are also crazy.

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