Prostitutes believe sex dolls can’t maintain sincere intimacy

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Sex workers not only provide imitations of women, they also provide sincere intimacy and two-way relationships that make our clients deeply yearn for and benefit from it in good faith. I want to introduce the possibility that not everyone wants exactly the same thing from sex. Those seeking sex workers with Lisa talents may want true intimacy and two-way relationships, but there are many others in the world who want something different than sexual experience.

The idea that women should be sluggish and lethargic like a real love doll during sex is completely dangerous. I feel that sex doll brothels support the notion that sex workers are only the subject of their customers’ use and abuse, and there are no agencies. They even think that sex dolls are rape fantasy objects, and men can abuse and abuse them without any consequences. Men should not use sex dolls as training wheels to meet sex workers.

Doll Image

A group of sex workers are opposing sex doll brothels. Licensed prostitutes from legal brothels who hire humans are concerned that sex doll brothels may have a negative impact on their profession. Lisa, a sex worker, said when she learned that at least one sex doll rental company had opened in the United States for more than a year. The company currently has plans to open a branch in Texas, USA. This is really unpleasant, Lisa said of the sex doll brothel. As a result, they may be inclined to look for different types of sexual contact.

French activists have recently been argued against sex doll brothels, alleging that these types of shops are where you make money and where you rape women. There are far more raped ruthless silicone dolls than raped vibrators or bright toys. Some love doll customers must have the illusion of rape. Many people, whether male or female, are likely to use dolls to play them. But does this encourage abuse against actual humans? With regard to violent video games, this issue has been raised endlessly, and research does not support a connection with criminal behavior in the real world.

According to news materials, Lisa also believes that real sex doll brothels foster unhealthy sexual perceptions and that having sex with sex dolls can distort men’s ability to interact with real women. Although I appreciate Lisa’s position, I still have to ask She pleases her role. Lisa’s argument ignores the complex reasons why a person chooses to have sex with an inanimate object, many of which are related to mental and emotional health. As a result, her arguments are quite close to the dance of his wife and girlfriend, refuting the reasons why clients were accompanied. Elsa, another sex worker at the brothel, believes that in addition to promoting unhealthy sex lives, sex doll brothels have led to widespread violence against sex workers and women.

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