Should sex dolls like children’s faces be sold on the market?

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The main purpose of sex doll is for adult sex, and sex dolls are also known as love dolls. Therefore, sex dolls are not only used for sex, but also can be used to replace a partner in life. With the development of society, more and more middle-aged and elderly people have been in a state of independence for a long time, and there is no communication with the outside world, which is unfavorable for them. With the advent of love dolls, their lives have new hopes, because they can buy a lifelike sex doll as a companion to their lives.

For couples who have no children, they are eager to have a child to meet their parents’ wishes. Therefore, there has been a situation in which they buy online love dolls of the same size as children. The dolls are usually about 100cm in size and have children’s faces. In our opinion, this is completely understandable because we can understand the mood of the parents. However, from the outside world, it may be that they buy this mini sex doll not for life, but for sex, which means that people may feel that this has a tendency to abuse children, which is not conducive to social stability. Adolescents have a serious impact. Therefore, it is forbidden to sell such children’s dolls in many countries.

In addition, there is a situation that for children with depression, this may be the hope for them to regain the joy of life. In our store, there is such a situation. A customer explains his situation in the process of understanding with us. His child is an autistic patient. Apart from his parents, he rarely communicates with anyone. By chance, his child saw this petite body doll on the Internet. His face revealed a different smile, so he decided to buy a real love doll online to accompany his child’s growth. Over time, his child gradually recovered, no longer autistic as before, at least he also has a mini love doll.

As for whether children’s sex dolls should be sold, many countries have relevant legal protections, but if we are used for companionship rather than sex, then it should be allowed. But still not understood. Therefore, almost all of our stores sell larger-sized real-life dolls, a little to meet the requirements of special customers.

Nashville, Tenn. (AP) – Tennessee is expected to be the latest state to ban the possession, sale or distribution of sex-like dolls for children. This legislation prohibiting child sex dolls won the unanimous support of the House of Representatives legislator this week. After the Senate was cleared earlier this month, the bill is now available at the desk of Governor Bill Lee. The bill prohibits “obscenity for sexual stimulation or satisfaction, anatomically correct sex dolls, mannequins or robots.” Other states, including Kentucky and Florida, are pushing similar bills. After accusing the boy of ordering a child-like sex doll in Kentucky, the issue caught the attention of the family and said that no real child was involved.

We should treat sex dolls with a reasonable attitude, not shy eyes. I believe that with the development of the sex doll industry, sex dolls will play more important purposes, not just for sex.

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