Silicone dolls VS tpe dolls? Which one to buy?

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Have you been looking for a lifelike sex doll? But you are really tangled in what type of sex dolls to buy, you care not only about the material of the sex doll, silicone or tpe, but you may care about the price, style and other factors of the real sex doll.I want to buy a physical doll that suits your heart, but then you will hesitate to buy which doll. TPE, or silicone doll? Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls.

Advantages of silicone sex dolls PK tpe sex dolls

Distinguish from the touch of a touch sex doll:

Silicone like sex dolls generally have a slightly harder feel. Compared to tpe dolls, TPE-like dolls have a soft touch on the skin. Of course, silicone dolls can also be very soft, but the price will be more expensive, so the price of sex dolls on many websites will be different, so the current market neutral doll manufacturers will make O degrees, can be pinched, But the TPE soft plastic doll will be harder.

Distinguish from skin texture:

The performance of the silicone doll is better than the TPE doll. Because of the slightly harder material, the performance will be better. Some simulated handprints and details can only be expressed by silicone dolls, and TPE soft dolls do not perform well.

From material anti-aging distinction:

High-end silicone dolls are resistant to high temperatures, low temperatures, acid and alkali; in addition to highly corrosive items, silicone dolls hardly react with anything. TPE dolls are not resistant to high temperatures, and anti-aging is not as good as silicone products.

Distinguish from the sales price:

The price of the raw material of the silicone doll is several times that of the TPE soft plastic doll. The silicone doll is also much more expensive than the TPE soft plastic doll. TPE soft plastic dolls cost $800 to more than two thousand dollars, while silicone dolls generally cost more than the same height tpe dolls, such as the height of 148cm tpe dolls for $ 1,200, then the price of 148cm silicone dolls is around $ 2,500 Even higher, the price is also related to the manufacturer.

Distinguish from the smell:

Silicone sex dolls have absolutely no odor, and None have more or less flavors of gum or added flavors. If your sex doll smells fragrant, then this is most likely a true human doll of tpe material. Of course, for some high-end tpe dolls, such as the WM brand tpe doll, this high-end sex doll will solve the problem of smell very well, harmless to the human body and completely safe. But the price is also higher than the others.

The Uloversdoll silicone doll is made of platinum-silica and composite metal by joint compounding. The feel is close to the real skin, and it can almost be fake. After shaping the head, body shape, chest shape, buttocks, legs… Finally, form a beautiful doll. The physical doll, how do you want to play with it, you can treat it as a sexy, charming, beautiful, considerate little lover.

Finally, whether it is a silicone doll or a TPE soft plastic doll, as long as it is a professional sex doll product, it will be guaranteed in terms of safety and quality. If you are really worried about the quality and safety of sex dolls, then look at the Uloversdoll online doll store, because our products are strictly in accordance with the safe and hygienic process, fully in line with the standards, our sex dolls have a variety of safety certification, please rest assured to buy .

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