Some interesting things about sex dolls have happened recently

Doll Image

According to the research company’s data, as of 2019, the market size of adult products is about 1 trillion yen, and by 2020 it is about 2 trillion yen. It is said to have expanded more than twice.

Among them, the sales of real sex dolls are growing. Although most men are directly hand-to-hand, sexual practices have become more stringent in the country, and it is becoming an indispensable tool for masturbation.

However, it seems that some men are too addicted to the reality of sex doll.

On the Internet, the amazing images taken by the surveillance camera of the adult goods store that the drone drove aerial photography spread.

The muscular shirtless man who came to the store was in a missionary position to sell love dolls. The man lasted for 45 minutes. The owner smiled and watched, but realized that there was no payment record. The man did not buy this cheap silicone sex doll, but destroyed and stole the vending machine. It is a violent crime to start doing things at the theft scene, but is there a lot of sexual desire? The owner reported the case to the police and rushed to the store, but when he arrived at the scene, the man’s behavior was not over.

At the same time, the same thing happened in other regions. It is a hot topic for a man in his 50s to treat his love doll like a daughter. According to local news reports, men saw love dolls when they visited Beijing in 2019. They wanted more beauty. Because the price was 1.2 million yen, I gave up once, but bought the first one in the second year.

Doll Image

There is now a man living with nine fucking sex dolls and bought nearly 300 clothes for them. Men treat these dolls as daughters rather than gender subjects. Should they be called “Dutch wife”?

An 18-year-old boy seems to love them like their sisters. When they bring TPE sex dolls to the city once, they are angry with strangers, so the boy is angry, how should he face it and face the battle .

Those who are addicted to life-size TPE sex dolls made of synthetic resin. Will they be satisfied with this? Whether it is news on the Internet, the blog said that sexual desire still can not achieve the full satisfaction of expectations, which requires us to constantly improve production and processing technology, make better products to meet people’s pursuit of sex and desire.

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