Surreal big penis male love doll is waiting for you

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We have expanded its selection of surrealistic real love doll with three new styles, including a brand new male doll with a penetrable butt and mouth, and a puppet that is completely similar to the porn queen Jesse. The new silicone sex dolls and TPE love dolls are now sold internationally. They come from the industry’s favorite TPE sexy dolls, while love adult dolls are the latest version of the popular big breast series.

Join us and there are more male big penis sex dolls waiting for you, this is a life-size, fully-placeable classic beauty with realistic, piercing mouth, vagina and anus, and perfect C-cup breasts , And G-shaped underwear. She is also a new product, this beautiful woman big butt love doll is a fully poseable male doll with open mouth and butt, rubbing abdominal muscles, built-in bendable (removable) penis. Both dolls stand independently and come with three interchangeable wigs: blonde, black and black.

Doll Image

Joining the popular Love Doll Forum is also the blog, which is a life-size, fully-placeable blockbuster erotic goddess with sculptural details and a face that mirrors itself. Jesse’s new doll has surreal penetration of the mouth, vagina and anus, bringing the fantasies of life to life.

Our wholesale supervisor said that since we first launched male love dolls, there are more and more categories of love dolls and customer demand has surged. After launching the industry’s first male doll, we decided to expand our product line with more brands to provide retailers with more realistic options. Effortlessly create a life-size love doll and give her fans something special, so we have created a love doll that has the same features as a truly stylish woman and benefits from customers. What’s the best part? All our dolls are fully packed and perfect for in-store sales.

Both male sex love dolls and female real sex doll are made of super soft TPE, with skeletal structure and complex details. All three new dolls can stand independently and packed in full-color boxes so that shoppers can see the dolls inside.

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