Teach your life with lifelike silicone love dolls

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What can a realistic silicone doll do? Can you solve the physiological need for sex? Then you are wrong. The physical sex doll can not only act as a sexual partner, but also as a life partner. Do not believe? Let us look at how Dirk in the United States lives with a physical doll.

American photographer Hoyn met Blanche in an online forum. Dirk is wary of the media and photographers because he is afraid that he will be prejudiced as abnormal or deformed. But perhaps the desire to share defeated the hesitation, and soon he chatted with Hoyn about his marriage to Blanche. Do not shoot your face, use a pseudonym. After the agreement was reached, Hoyn began recording the couple’s day. Dirk and Blanche are resting in bed. They take a nap every day.

After taking Jenny home, Dirk himself presided over his wedding with Blanche, accompanied by the slow melody of Neil Young’s “SuchAWoman.” After marriage, Dirk gradually got rid of the previous disappointment. He chatted with Blanche and took care of Jenny. He has always believed that these Jenny can feel that this love is two-way, and one day she will talk to him. Because Blanche’s skin made with silicone is very fragile, Dirk will give her a massage and apply a professional talcum powder after bathing every Sunday.

There is a white-collar man, his daily life is spent with the sex doll, in his view, this love doll is not only a toy, but also a love partner. Every day, he dresses up the dolls, chooses clothes for the dolls, and also learns makeup for the dolls, so that the dolls are presented in front of their own eyes with a very beautiful appearance. This doll is a part of his life that is not lacking. When the weather is better, he will even take a walk with his lover doll to see the scenery. In the evening, he will share the bed with the doll.

In the eyes of many people, such behavior is very weird, but in the eyes of the man, the doll not only brings joy to the mood, but also brings more companionship and guardianship to himself. People choose to buy physical dolls, most of them to vent their desires. In the man’s view, the physical doll can not only be used, but also can be used to accompany. He will take pictures with the physical doll and introduce his love doll to friends.

The man has a formal job, going to work every day. He will say hello to the doll before going to work, saying that he is going to work, and after work, he will also come to talk to the doll and tell the doll that he has come back from work. . And the man said that he would not go to the real girlfriend, because in his opinion, the physical doll is his girlfriend, she is very quiet, and is good at listening to no noisy, bringing the man a very good Enjoy, it can be seen that the physical doll can also bring people some of the feelings they want, and let people enjoy the sweetness of love.

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