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In one scene, the young Sandra Bullock suggested to Sylvester Stallone to “make love” with her. Hey, after decades of hibernation, it is far from imagining the future development of this delicious behavior. That is to say, decorate his head with a fun sensory earphone, aiming to reproduce the sexiness of the behavior.

In order to believe the reaction of the ice cube, this process does not seem to be convincing…

Recently, the movie “She” imagined a strange love story between a man and an artificial intelligence system. Two years later, the emergence of the film “Pre-Machina” transformed the notion of a physical relationship between humans and robots equipped with such intelligence.
In short, this is how big the dream of this concept is. As we know, what human dreams are, human beings have created.

Over the years, the sex toy industry has continued to innovate in the field of happiness and happiness accessories. But the latest advances in video games, web or mobile technologies such as smartphones are now a real revolution.

Since the love dolls have entered people’s lives, it is a gospel for many single middle-aged men. They are easy to synthesize their love stories and their lifelike sex doll.
In this turbulent sight of the sex toy industry, love dolls.

Love doll, future sexual partner

Formerly known as sex dolls (a more honest name, so it must be less sexy), the love doll is a full-size doll, as much as possible to simulate the appearance of the person. Of course, attributes (breast, mouth, sex…) are considered for the benefit of their owners.

Underneath their silicone skin is a hinged skeleton, usually made of PVC and steel. A realistic silicone doll made.

There are several models to choose from, each with its own characteristics: breast size, skin tone, eye or hair color. In recent years, the doll’s head can even be separated to allow the user to change according to his imagination.

One of his goals is to make them more realistic, including giving them false heartbeats and warm skin. According to him, it is absolutely necessary to make people really attracted to sexy robots.

He added that robotic sex will be an “amazing” experience and hope that robots will be the best choice for those who want to add some spice to their love life.

But to achieve this goal and follow the trend of emerging technological advances, he knows that physical realism alone is not enough.

It is for this reason that his company recently launched a project to integrate artificial intelligence into his doll. They will be more passive than today, they will benefit from a customizable personality and will be able to share “romantic” moments with their owners.

Why is it so attractive to silicone dolls?

Of course, their good appearance and dedication to their owners are no strangers to their success.

But beyond that, they have two basic qualities for human counterparts: they won’t judge or reject anyone.

In particular, this aspect may ensure that these sex humanoids can achieve amazing success. With them, in so many men and women suffering from sexual pain (we will come back).

First, they can provide an opportunity for people with difficulties to express their sexual life. I am thinking about people who are in poor health, people with disabilities, victims of accidents, or people who are unhealthy and ashamed.

In the end, if Love Dolls is well aware of the success their creators expect, we will see more and more people owning or renting. This can lead to a reduction in sexual violence or prostitution.

Sex robots also greatly reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Many people also want to know the influence of these dolls on female images. They absorb more than any other sex toy and reduce it to a docile, fornicating object created for the simple satisfaction of male impulses.

What are the risks? In my opinion, it is likely that the interaction between men and women is not limited to physical communication. Outside, we know that communication with the opposite sex (or same sex) is more abundant than this.

No matter what you think about love dolls, we are happy to provide you with the highest quality sex dolls.

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