The man expressed love to his sex doll and touched all the audience

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The one-off cultural fair was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2018 for a period of three days. The gender education of this fair is to introduce popular and new sexual culture, which can be said to be the public sex fair. The annual sex festival seems to be crowded with a large audience, and many men are starting to shoot on their mobile phones.

Due to the open morality of the government, Japan even sells pornographic books, AV and actress photos on the streets. Adult sites on the Internet are currently very popular in many countries in the West, and the variety of forms of video highlights the openness of Japanese sexuality.

Japan has a strong pursuit of this kind of sexual behavior, but the government can conduct sexual exposure through various places to determine whether there is a sense of outgassing.

The venue is also an ordinary place, usually holding industrial exhibitions and fairs. A group of young girls and several men and women gathered to enjoy the sex toys and spring paintings on display. Older men also took sex videos on the table and looked at the description. These sexual sex doll usually do not hide their sexual inquiry. The population has just increased to a very high number. At the venue, I met a Japanese female employee in the same office. She always smiled and nodded to me.

In fact, the people who came there were very interesting. He did not hesitate to point the camera lens at the subtle angle of the underwear model, show the breasts of the None, and put his hands in the crotch. In addition, on the platform of the special booth, one of the vulgar performances was developed one by one, for example, the participants sprinkled milk on the bikini model partner.

People began to scream happy and shouted to go up and try. The staff at the scene kept on maintaining order. At this time, he thought that the tall gentleman, he was kneeling down on one knee in the eyes of the public, as if he was proposing to the silicone girl in the chair. When everyone was quietly waiting for his next move, the sudden turmoil caused by the field, people cheered to see him perform a confession ceremony. The man was deeply stunned to the audience, and the audience under the scene quieted again, watching the man in front and the TPE doll woman in that character, constantly adjusting the position of the camera to ensure the best angle. I saw the big man who looked at his girl affectionately: “My beautiful girl, I have fallen in love with you, I hope to take care of you, and be with you forever.” Very touching picture, the applause and cheers of the audience.

This is an unforgettable sex fair. It allows me to see Japan’s openness to sex and a culture of total freedom. The morality of liberation is the true feeling that people can better express themselves. We don’t have to hide our emotional needs, which will make us depressed. Through a real sex TPE doll can continue to practice my sexual experience, and I do not need to go through her opinion to express their desire for sexual desire. This gives me a new feeling, and I just like the feeling of freedom.

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