The population crisis may be related to the development of sex dolls

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Japan’s birth rate has gradually declined in recent years, which may be related to sex doll. Because of the somatosensory dolls and smart dolls that are very popular in Japan, will the development of sex dolls cause a population crisis?The birth rate in Japan has fallen – an expert said that the flourishing development of lifelike dolls may contribute to the population crisis.

With the development of sex dolls, the birth rate of many countries has shown a downward trend. The most typical country is Japan. Japan is a country with sexual openness. Sex dolls are very popular here. They have purchased many realistic dolls. , playing his own girlfriend, wife, daughter and many other roles. Since sex dolls are popular in Japan, many Chinese manufacturers have designed more Japanese sex dolls to suit their needs.

One expert warned that smart dolls may cause birth rate disasters because lonely Japanese men avoid traditional relationships and instead support AI girlfriends. A lifelike doll does not have the same troubles as a real girlfriend, she will not entangle you, only exist when you need her, and she will unconditionally provide you with the most authentic sexual service.

Fewer babies are born in Asian countries because of fears of mounting a Japanese population facing a sharp decline in the population of “endangered species”. In 2018, approximately 921,000 babies were born in Japan – 25,000 fewer than in 2017. Japanese officials said that this is the lowest number since records began in 1899. In the same year, about 1.3 million people died, which means that the population has dropped by nearly half a million. Dr. Kate Devlin, a senior lecturer in social and cultural artificial intelligence at King’s College London and a leading expert in the field, warned that smart dolls may exacerbate the crisis if they are so popular in Japan. In order to reduce the troubles of life, Japanese men choose their lover as a realistic doll. This is extenuating, but it may lead to an increase in the population crisis. Because the lifelike sex doll is a more suitable sex toy for men, she has almost all the characteristics of a real woman, occupying a lot of advantages.

People worry that in a country like Japan, loneliness is a big social problem, and sex dolls may make things worse. “For those who are interested in buying women’s smart dolls, they often look for a partner.” A documentary called Substitutes, which aired at RT last year, revealed the trend of sex dolls.

It focuses on how life-size love dolls inspire “a sense of loneliness and alienation.” Sex dolls are not just a Japanese phenomenon, the sales of sex dolls are expanding globally.

Sex doll salesman Noburu Tanaka said: “This is an amazing feeling. “It looks like a doll, but you think it is really active. “When you make love for your wife, there may be some problems. With the sex doll, it doesn’t matter.”

Although sex dolls can lead to a population crisis, sex dolls are always a more suitable life partner. Not only that, but sex dolls also have many benefits in life, such as accompanying elderly widows, children as parents, sex toys to save marriage, and so on.

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