Uloversdoll teaches you how to pick sex doll clothes

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For those who already have sex dolls, what they need to do is take care of their sex dolls, buy beautiful clothes for her, and make a delicate makeup that makes her look more beautiful. Of course, for every one-time love, you also need to consider the cleaning and storage of the silicone love doll. There is a detailed introduction in our article. This article mainly teaches you how to choose the right clothes for your sex doll.

Pick clothes for your lifelike sex dolls, which is the same as buying clothes for your girlfriend. The first thing you need to determine is the measurements you like about the doll (chest, waist and hip), and the parameters such as the height of your silicone doll. Secondly, you can search online for the style you want and find the right size. If you are worried that the clothes you bought are not suitable, then before buying, you should ask the store’s customer service and tell her the body size of your doll. They will give you some advice. Finally, you can purchase the following order. The most important point is that when you buy any clothes, you need to consider whether the clothes will be dyed, because the dyed clothes will make your sex dolls smell strange colors, making them look unattractive. Therefore, we recommend that when choosing clothes, don’t buy heavy colors. These clothes may be colored by your love doll.

With the experience of the first successful purchase of doll clothes, I believe that you can easily buy clothes for any size tpe doll, because you understand the size of clothes and dolls, but still need to pay attention to each Clothes stores are available in different sizes and may not be the same as other stores, so it’s best to ask customer service for details before you can buy them.

Most sex dolls on the site insist on using size S as a women’s dress, so make sure you don’t have much. Silicone dolls handle stains very well and make it easier to clean them. However, when it comes to TPE dolls – they are easy to stain and clean may be a problem.

Yes, if you don’t have a sex doll yet, then you need to buy a lifelike sex doll. Of course, when you buy a sex doll, we will give you a sexy sexy dress, I hope you will like it. If you have special clothing requirements, then you can contact us and we will give you the same clothes as much as possible.

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