Use the popularity of AV actress to promote the real cheap silicone sex doll

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In 2019, the annual Tokyo Adult Show was held, with more than 300 adults selling and exhibiting this year.

Speaking of a major feature of adult exhibitions, this is a social event involving fans of Japanese AV actresses, including the famous sex doll manufacturers in some countries such as the United States, China, France, etc., which are invited to AV fans and silicone dolls. For lovers, it is very exciting.

Adult products are on display at the show. The picture shows a Dutch wife doll made in Japan. Hard to see. However, according to local media reports, five Japanese AV actresses should be invited at the beginning of this adult exhibition.

Suddenly, the media audience is mainly AV fans. They expect that the annual event will begin soon. Especially the AV business has promoted the development of adult love dolls in Japan with very good prospects.

On the other hand, Mr. Ai Wen, a freelance writer living in the United States, pointed out that the Japanese adult products business is very mature, and both the real silicone dolls and the popular world TPE sex dolls are equally concerned because it means People’s living standards and the improvement and improvement of the quality of sexual life.

Recently, Japanese TV shows will be proudly recommending real and cheap love dolls at the adult products exhibition held in various places. They have the true sexy appearance of AV actress, and the full body and soft skin texture have a real female feeling. These beautiful TPE women also offer three permeable sexual openings designed for women who realize fantasy.

Still, for Japanese men, they are still like goddesses. In particular, AV actresses are still very popular, and they also have very strong fan bases in their accounts. In addition, the total number of fans of the Japanese AV actress account set up on Weibo exceeded 35 million. Using these AV actress’s popularity to promote their lifelike adult sexy dolls is a very clever means and get very good results. Would you choose a sexy and beautiful love doll as your long-term sexual partner?

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