What More Can You do in Addition to Having Sex with Sex Dolls?

Female sex doll is extraordinary with regards to engaging in sexual relations in an alternate position. However, sex isn’t the lone thing that they are acceptable at. You can do a ton of other fun stuff with your realistic female sex doll to relax to stay with you. With the progression of innovation in the sex doll industry very soon, they will do much more things that cause them to feel like us genuine people.

Other than having intercourse with female torso sex doll in bed, there is such an excess of other fun stuff that you need to attempt. For instance, washing, Role Play, photography, and some more. Allow us to take a gander at a portion of the energizing things that you can do with your life size female sex doll other than having intercourse.


In the event that you need to have a go at something that is unique and fun as opposed to engaging in sexual relations in bed with your life size female sex doll, at that point you should attempt pretending. It will feel more unique, and you will get an opportunity to cooperate with your female sex doll from various perspectives. Other than that, you will have the option to accomplish all your sex dreams as you assume various jobs with your lifelike female sex dolls.

Prepare clothing

As you get ready for apparel, start by considering the job your realistic female sex doll will play. The job can be a medical caretaker, instructor, airline steward, specialist, house cleaner, or a character in your #1 TV film. When you sort out the part of your female torso sex doll, at that point setting up the garments will be a simple assignment.

The main thing that you need to consider while purchasing garments for your life size female sex doll is estimation. Misunderstanding the estimations can break your lifelike female sex dolls outward presentation. Search for estimations on the site that you purchased the realistic female sex doll to have the most exact size.


Wash the garments following getting them. On the off chance that the garments shed some tone, at that point try not to utilize them on your lifelike female sex dolls. Another significant thing is taking care of your things. For instance, you need to set the mind-set of the house by lighting candles or introducing LEDs.

Having sex with sex dolls in the bath

This is one of my #1 things that one can do with a female sex doll other than having intercourse on the bed.

You can decide to allow the realistic female sex doll remain in the washroom or lie in the bath. Some of the time couples wash up together having intercourse. You can do likewise with your life size female sex doll and feel the private fondness.

Obviously, water is the main thing with regards to washing up. The water can be warm or cold, contingent upon the manner in which you like it. Be that as it may, it can’t be hot as it will cause you awkward and most likely to consume your lifelike female sex dolls. Create it as agreeable as could reasonably be expected so you can invest as much energy as you need to have intercourse and appreciating the perspective on your realistic female sex doll.

The bed isn’t the solitary spot that you can have intercourse with your female torso sex doll. When you get in the shower, you can have intercourse to your life size female sex doll as well. This permits you to break the normal daily schedule and experience an alternate climate.

Make Up the sex doll

You may have seen individuals looking precisely like big names subsequent to doing some cosmetics. This can be applied to realistic female sex doll too in light of the fact that it causes you to encounter something different new and unique. Individuals additionally cheat since they are worn out on having intercourse with a similar individual for quite a while. Applying distinctive cosmetics and changing the haircut will make your life size female sex doll look new to you.

Your female torso sex doll can look precisely like the individual you need to engage in sexual relations with. When you get exhausted with a specific look, you simply change to another look, and it’s all around great.


Probably the most straightforward approaches to change the appearance of your female sex doll is by changing the hairdo by various hairpieces that adjust to your dreams or superstar pulverize. Additionally, you can purchase the comparing outfits and items that will help in keeping up the hairpiece.

Cosmetics, for example, lipstick, establishment, eye pencil, and so on Additionally, you need to have the ability to apply such makeup so your realistic female sex doll can show up equivalent to your dreams. Yet, stress not in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to do that as you can take a gander at certain instructional exercises on YouTube.

Points for attention

Try not to utilize items that will make both you and your life size female sex doll awkward. For example, some scented hairpiece items can aggravate. Some cosmetics, as well, can make lasting devastation of your valuable life size female sex doll.

  1. Try not to utilize Alcohol based beauty care products as they can harm your female sex doll.
  2. Focus on the hairpiece size.
  3. Try not to utilize brutal synthetic compounds, for example, turpentine, blanch, or nail clean remover.
  4. Try not to apply concealers or establishments.
  5. Soft cotton can undoubtedly get trapped in your female sex doll‘s lashes; consequently, you ought to try not to utilize it.
  6. Try not to utilize sleek kohl eye pencils or the fluid eyeliner since they can be excessively muddled.
  7. Try not to utilize standard paints or sharpies.


When you have all the props all together, at that point you can start applying your make up. Ensure that you have dried your female torso sex doll face appropriately sing perfect, dry towels. Regardless of whether you need to begin with the eyes, lips, or cheeks, that is OK; put it all on the line.

Take Photos of sex dolls


Taking photographs of your female sex doll is another astonishing movement that you should attempt. This will assist you with breathing easy just as in making minutes for you and your realistic female sex doll. Moreover, in the event that you like styling your life size female sex doll, at that point you can take photos of her so you can audit the style that suits the later.

Much the same as the manner in which genuine couples like taking photographs of themselves, there isn’t anything amiss with taking photographs of your #1 realistic female sex doll. This permits you to evaluate numerous different styles, for example, dressing and cosmetics. You can purchase various ensembles and take the same number of pictures as you like. Allow us to take a gander at certain instances of photographs that you can take of your lifelike female sex dolls.

Points of attention

The main thing that you need is a decent camera. You can likewise utilize your telephone’s camera to take pleasant photos of your lifelike female sex dolls. Likewise, you should purchase distinctive cosplay outfits and cosmetics so you can catch your life size female sex doll in various styles. Aside from taking photographs, you can take some short video cuts. Different things that may be needed for this is the lighting apparatuses and enough stockpiling.


Indoor Photo

For every one of those individuals that adoration taking photographs yet are bashful about the outside, at that point this is the best arrangement. Indoor lifelike female sex dolls photographs are incredible on the grounds that you have the benefit of acting naturally. Moreover, you can take photographs even in the nastiest situations without stressing over others.

Go out to take the pictures.

Open air photography can be amazing whenever done the correct route and in the opportune spot. Life size female sex doll are extraordinary for this occasion since they can stop in any event, for the most troublesome situations for stunning shots. You can go to pleasant places, for example, the sea shore, Private Park, or any extravagance place that you like going to. You will require a vehicle to help you move around places. Ensure that it has enough space for your doll. 

Final thoughts

Lifelike female sex dolls are not made to be utilized for sex on the bed alone. You can do such countless different things with it and still have a good time without limit. For instance, you can transform it to seem like an alternate female torso sex doll by pretending and applying cosmetics. Regardless of whether you fantasize about having intercourse with a medical caretaker, an educator, house keeper, or even a pious devotee, at that point it tends to be satisfied by dressing your dolls like one. Another pleasant action that you need to attempt is taking photographs, washing, and having intercourse. In any case, as you appreciate every one of these alternatives, you should be careful with the goal that you can’t corrupt the realistic female sex doll. For example, you need to dodge rough items and sharp articles. On the off chance that you do it the correct way, at that point you will have loads of fun.

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