What should I do with old sexy love doll?

I mean everyone is watching porn, but many of us deny it. The same idea applies to sex dolls. If we can get rid of it, have one for most people, lock it up where no one can find it and judge us. Therefore, the entire philosophical discussion about old sex dolls and sex robots is not important. Porn has no more damage to our culture than weeds, alcohol, weapons or capitalism. Nor do we talk about realistic love doll to destroy our culture. Honestly, it doesn’t worry me at all.

With a realistic sex dolls, happiness always exists. These loopholes will make you realize the craziest fantasy. The vagina and anus are very similar to the real anus, and any man will be satisfied and relaxed with a beautiful woman. With this doll, you will feel happy as if you are loving a real woman. With its flexible skeleton, the premium love dolls can take a variety of different poses.

Doll Image

Because sex dolls you no longer need are hazardous waste. You can definitely have a landfill nearby. You may see some weird expressions, but maybe there will be one or two interesting conversations. Anyway, here you can bury your old sex doll gracefully and say goodbye to her. Maybe you are doing a small ceremony. Of course, following the funeral practice, there is certainly time to hold the funeral.

More love dolls have more problems with paper jams. The situation becomes more difficult when there are more realistic love doll in the house. Since we also have the best sexy silicone dolls in our home, storage options have become more difficult and scarce. Our apartment is also not 90 square meters, so sometimes it is difficult or expensive.

But people are very creative, realistic adult TPE old dolls are very cute. Our souls can find our contribution to the solution, especially if it is to be made cost-effective. We can certainly avoid the problem by letting go of our closets or finding some beautiful storage boxes, but my lover doesn’t have that much money and we would rather use our money to buy beautiful clothes or new wigs.

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