When I was pregnant, whether the husband should be allowed to buy sex doll?

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There are many contradictions in the process of each marriage. The best way to deal with these problems is to communicate more and solve it in a proper way. The question of whether to allow husbands to buy sex doll has caused different reactions on the Internet. Do you think that you should allow it?

In many cases, your husband may have a stronger sexual desire, and you don’t have enough time, or experience fulfilling his requirements, but your feelings are very good, you don’t want to make him unhappy because of sex, even in the long run, Your husband may have a tendency to derail, which is a very bad result. Therefore, some people think of lifelike sex dolls. If you can buy a real sex doll and provide it to their husbands, this can, to a certain extent, achieve the husband’s sexual desire and ease the relationship between husband and wife. So, will you allow your husband and sex dolls to have sex?

In many cases, you can’t fulfill your husband’s sexual requirements, such as during your physical and pregnancy periods, which you can’t do. But how is your husband’s sexual requirements realized? Looking for other women? This is something you can’t do. Therefore, sex dolls become a good substitute for sex. Can you accept the sex of husband and sex dolls?

I will never “allow” my partner to buy anything. I will never “forbid” it. My partner is an adult. As an adult, they have the right to buy anything they like. Because sex toys bring a variety of sexual deficiencies, sexual insecurity, and worry.

I don’t mind, but be careful, some men will fall in love with these dolls, they give them a character they like and these silicone dolls, and they never deny that they are also happy to refuse sex according to their own mood. Some men end up falling in love with their low maintenance dolls, and some men even wear them and like to watch them.

Your partner has the right to touch his body the way he likes and choose what they are doing. If he will eventually find something else, I will advise him to find someone else and try to avoid her details. Because when someone makes love or masturbation with a doll, they imagine the best chest, body, etc!

For different people, there are different opinions on this issue. Most people don’t want their husbands to have sex with people other than themselves or sex dolls, but for a better marriage, they compromised and allowed their husbands to buy sex dolls because they felt it was easier to accept than their husbands. . So how do you think? Compromise or refuse?

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